Elegant and fit silencer, the detailed introduction of the Basenji you want is here!

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The basenji, a short-haired hound that originated in Africa, was discovered near the Congo River, so it is also called " "Congolese dog", this kind of dog breed looks slim and fit, and when viewed from a distance, it reveals an elegant beauty in its bones. Next, let’s learn more about the morphological characteristics and personality characteristics of the Chin Chin Shiji Dog.

Elegant and fit silencer, what you want The detailed introduction of the Basenji is here!

< p>Body type: The height of the male is about 43cm, and the height of the female is about 40cm; the weight of the male is about 11kg, and the weight of the female is about 9.5kg, only in this height and weight range Inside, the body structure of the Basenji will be lighter.

Head: He likes to hold his head high, giving people a sense of arrogance and aloofness; almond-shaped eyes are dark hazel or dark brown, and his eyes can see Far away; ears are helmet-shaped, standing upright, pointing forward; forehead wrinkles are fine and rich, especially when young, the wrinkles are particularly obvious; nose is black, surrounded by white circles, and extending upwards; teeth Evenly arranged, strong bite ability.

Body:Forequarters: The shoulder blades are slightly laid back and approximately equal in length to the upper arm bones; the elbows lie close to the sides of the chest; the forearms are long and straight, well muscled and cleanly boned And delicate. Feet small and compact, with low hocks, turning neither in nor out, with thick pads and well-arched toes. The hindquarters are of medium width, muscular and well developed, the second thigh is slightly long, the stifles are moderately bent; the tail is set high at the end of the topline, curled forward, and generally placed on one side of the body.

Hair: Its hair is short and fine, smooth to the touch. Although the Basenji is a short-haired dog, it still needs to be bathed and combed frequently.

Color: The main colors are chestnut red, solid black, tri-color, spotted, etc.; but its feet, chest and tail tip are all white; The white of the Xianji dog will not become the main color, the overall color and markings are rich and neat, and everyone can clearly see the clear dividing line between the colors.

Gait:Running is easy and nimble, and the stride is long. During the running process, the backline will always be kept horizontal, and the front and rear limbs will also be kept straight without any slack. As the running speed increases, the feet gather more toward the centerline.

Personality: Lively and mischievous, competitive, but at the same time friendly, likes to be close to the owner, and can get along well with all members of the family, but the Basenji is not Strangers will be aloof, so it is very suitable as a companion dog, but not a watchdog.

At present, in China, there are relatively few families with Basenji. If you plan to raise it, you need to spend more time with it.