Can a fish be exchanged for 600,000? Police raid fishing grounds, 86 people arrested

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Recently, the Huangpi District Branch of the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau in Hubei Province carried out an in-depth "sharpening sword" operation and successfully shut down a large-scale gambling den that used bidding and "fishing" as a gambling method.

Limited fishing gear, five-hour time limit, and lottery to determine fishing spots... Even though the ticket price is as high as 2,480 yuan, a fishing spot in Huangpi, Wuhan, is booming, attracting the attention of the local police.

During the investigation, the police found that many short video advertisements released by the fishing farm on the short video platform were very suspicious. The short video advertisements posted by this fishing resort are full of eye-catching content such as "red label 300 games for 600,000 yuan of water" and "total bid value 4 million". Fishing is not the focus, and is obviously different from normal fishing and leisure places.

One fish can be exchanged for 600,000? The police raided the fishing ground and 86 people were arrested

More than 15,000 yuan was put into the 68-acre fishing ground Fish, more than 700 of which are "standard fish"

After police interrogation, a large-scale gambling gang disguised as a recreational fishing venue finally revealed its true colors.

In September 2022, Zheng Mojia was recommended by others to find a land contractor in a village in Sanliqiao, Huangpi District, signed a contract to rent a fish pond in the village, and finally renovated and built a 68-acre The fishing ground has 128 fishing positions. Zheng and others purchased about 15,000 fish from other places, and put special marks on more than 700 of them as "standard fish."

One fish can be exchanged for 600,000? The police raided the fishing ground and 86 people were arrested

In addition, the police investigation found that the casino has strict restrictions on the specifications of fishing gear used for fishing. Only designated bait can be purchased inside the venue, and every method is used to increase the difficulty of catching fish.

According to police investigation, Zheng A and others organize two gambling games every day. To participate, you need to pay an admission fee of 2,480 yuan in advance to make a reservation.

After the gambling game started, Zheng A and others organized gamblers to draw lots. The fishing spots won could not be changed later. Fishing was limited to five hours. The fish caught could not be taken out of the fishing grounds. They could onlyExchange money according to casino rules. Among them, if you catch an ordinary fish, you can exchange it for 300 yuan. If you catch a "standard fish", you can redeem it according to the amount marked on the special mark on the back of the fish. The exchange can range from 1,000 yuan to hundreds of thousands, and a single fish can reach up to 600,000 yuan.

In this operation, the police arrested 86 people on site and seized more than 100,000 yuan in gambling capital, 700 standard fish, lottery machines, currency detectors, account books and other gambling equipment, and finally detained 5 people in accordance with the law. , 57 people were detained administratively. After preliminary verification, the gambling capital involved in the case amounted to more than 3 million yuan.