Staggering towards the food, the best outcome may not be to save its forelimbs

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I believe many people like cute cats and dogs. Especially when they are tidied up and beautifully dressed, I believe many people will find it difficult to resist their charm. It is precisely because of this that more and more people are willing to take them home regardless of the troubles that may be encountered in raising them. Many people even regard them as members of their families. While doting on them, we are also reluctant to let them suffer any harm.

However, it is different from these pet cats and dogs that are loved by people. As many cats and dogs grow up and their appearance changes, they face all kinds of troubles and considerable burdens caused by raising them. Slowly, some people will choose to abandon them after getting tired of taking care of them. And these abandoned cats and dogs will soon become completely unrecognizable due to various difficulties in life, and are extremely unlovable by people, even though they may have been valuable and highly sought after not long ago...

Staggering towards the food, the best outcome may not be to save its forelimbs

What puts the stray animals even more in trouble is that, As more and more people keep pets, the cost of acquiring pets is also decreasing. The large number of newborn cats and puppies every year has caused their value in people's minds to plummet. Therefore, when the cost of obtaining them becomes no longer high, their status in people's minds will no longer be so unattainable. Therefore, people's cherishment of them will also decrease. A large number of people who keep pets on a whim will inevitably abandon them when they find that the process of raising them is too troublesome. A large number of abandoned stray animals will naturally affect the normal lives of many people.

Therefore, when stray animals continue to have a negative impact on people’s lives. People's tolerance for them will also decrease. Therefore, in reality, it is inevitable that some people will choose to harm them for their own purposes. Without the protection of their owners and without any protection, when faced with these injuries, they often have to bear it alone. Then, in order to survive, they continue to wander around people, facing the danger of being hurt again and again, until they Be rescued or die...

There is a kind-hearted guy in Shanghai. On weekdays, this guy often rescues some stray cats with his companions. As time passed, the boy and his companions gradually gained a certain reputation in the local stray animal rescue circle. Some kind-hearted people will also take the initiative to contact the small cats when they find stray cats in need of help.Brother, ask for help. On this day, this young man once again received a request for help from a local netizen. A netizen told me that there was a stray cat in a local community that had been lame for more than half a year. The cat's leg injury had ulcerated and an accident could occur at any time if not treated in time.

Therefore, after netizens learned that I often rescued stray cats in the local area, they quickly informed me of the cats’ situation. After receiving the request for help, the younger brother rushed to the scene with his companions as soon as possible. When the little brother arrived at the scene, a kind person happened to be feeding the stray cat some food, so the little brother could also take the opportunity to observe the cat's condition. From the way the cat cautiously and staggeringly approached the food that a kind person had dumped in a basin on the roadside, I was able to see clearly the cat’s injured forelimbs.

Staggering towards the food, the best outcome is not safe for its forelimbs

And the cat's state at this moment also makes the little brother very I am worried because the cat’s forelimb in front of me has been folded in half, and it may be that the forelimbs are often worn due to long-term dragging. At this time, the cat's forelimbs have been worn and swollen abnormally, and you can clearly see a large swelling from a distance. At the same time, when the kind person who fed the cat learned that the little brother was going to rescue the stray cat, he also told the little brother that the stray cat had been like this for more than half a year. During this more than half a year, it had been dragging the cat in half The forelimbs were carefully surviving...

After learning about the cat’s experience, the brother was also going to use cat strips to make the cat lower its guard. However, when facing strangers, it was too wary. In desperation, the little brother could only ask the kind-hearted person who fed the cat to help attract the cat's attention with food, and then the little brother netted it from behind. Fortunately, the little brother's strategy was quite effective. Taking advantage of the moment when the cat focused on the food, the little brother successfully caught the stray cat.

Staggering towards the food, the best outcome is not to save its forelimbs

After catching this stray cat, the little brother was also the first The stray cat was immediately taken to the pet hospital. After arriving at the pet hospital, the pet doctor was also taken aback after seeing the cat’s condition.The scene in front of me was shocking. After a series of examinations, the pet doctor told the brother that the best result for the cat was to help him amputate his limbs. And the amputation surgery must be performed as soon as possible! After learning about the cat's condition, the brother immediately asked the pet doctor to arrange the cat's surgery.

Fortunately, the subsequent surgery went relatively smoothly. As the cat regained consciousness, the problem for the little brother loomed in front of him again. Because I have rescued too many stray cats recently, I have no more places to place this stray cat. So, after discussing with the pet hospital, I let the cat stay in the pet hospital to receive better care. At the same time, I also tried my best to help the stray cat find kind people who were willing to take it in. Fortunately, before the cat was discharged from the hospital, the little brother successfully found a kind-hearted person, and the stray cat also successfully found a new home and an owner who cared about it...