De Mu and Er Ha met so late that they even moved in perfect sync.

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german shepherds are a very smart and advanced breed, which are rare in daily life. They are tall and tall, with short and dense fur. They look very majestic and handsome, and they also give people a serious feeling at ordinary times. And Erha is a famously funny dog ​​breed, which is completely opposite to the style of German Shepherd. The two dogs should have nothing in common when they are together. However, in fact, when the German Shepherd met Erha, the result turned out to be like this...

The owner took Erha out for a walk, and saw a German Shepherd on the road. Erha was very excited and went up to say hello, aloof. The German Shepherd didn't want to pay attention to Erha at first, but Erha still teased the German Shepherd relentlessly, and even showed off his good facial skills.

De Mu and Erha met so late, even their movements are in sync

Originally the owner thought that his idiot Ha was about to be beaten violently by the German Shepherd, but when the German Shepherd turned around, the owner was shocked. This German Shepherd actually showed off the same beauty as Er Ha.

German Shepherd and Erha met so late, even their movements are in sync

The two dogs are getting more and more playful I feel more and more in tune with each other, especially the facial expressions are so synchronized.

De Mu and Erha met so late, and even their movements are in sync

Sure enough, the old saying is true. Those who are close to vermillion are red, those who are close to ink are dark. Erha's funny temperament is so contagious that a good German Shepherd was turned into a funny person by Erha!