The story of a stray Teddy who was brought home and lost again

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Beibei is a cute teddy. I have loved it since it came to our home. Every evening, I take it out for a walk and sleep with it at night.

Beibei is also very well-behaved. Every time I go to school, Beibei will watch me off at the door wagging his tail. When I come home from school, I always see him squatting at the door. , looking forward to my coming home.

My story with it began on a cold winter day when I saw it alone under the eaves on my way home from school. Maybe it got separated from its previous owner. I walked over and squatted down, and it looked at me warily. I took out the slices of bread my mother had prepared for me in the morning and carefully placed them in front of it, but it hesitated. Hesitantly, maybe hunger defeated fear in the end. It came over and started eating. I stroked it and it gradually relaxed.

The story of a stray Teddy who was brought home and lost again

It didn't look good, it was dirty. I took it back and took a bath, only to find out that it was a teddy. Its hair had become soft after being washed, and it was very quiet during the whole process.

For a long time, it lay on the balcony and seldom barked. My mother said that I need to be patient. Dogs are just like people. It will be fine as soon as you get familiar with them. One day I saw on TV that dogs can also suffer from depression. When I looked at Beibei, I was worried that he too was suffering from depression. After much hesitation, I decided to tell my mother to take Beibei to the pet hospital for a check-up. In order to reassure me, my mother agreed.

The story of a stray Teddy who was brought home and lost again

The doctor at the pet hospital said that Beibei should be carefully examined Check and let us pick Beibei home the next day. My mother and I agreed without thinking too much. When Beibei saw us leaving, she thought we were going to abandon her, so she kept calling. I hurried over to comfort it, "Don't worry, I will come to take you back tomorrow." It seemed to understand and stopped barking.

I never thought that this would be the last time Beibei and I would meet.

When my mother and I went to pick her up the next day, the doctor said that Beibei accidentally got lost. We didn’t walk far just yesterday.After a long time, Beibei suddenly ran away like crazy. My mother and I didn’t think much about it, it was just that I was very sad.

The story of a stray Teddy who was brought home and lost again

When I passed by the pet hospital again, I found that there was Many people are arguing with the person in charge of the pet hospital. Out of curiosity I walked over. The lady in the lead said angrily, "You are an unscrupulous hospital. I will pay my family Yueyue." "Madam, I'm sorry that your dog really got lost on its own. It has nothing to do with our hospital." The person in charge said with an indifferent look. . Hearing what the person in charge said, the people behind the lady started to commotion.

I really regret it because I didn’t inquire clearly and sent Beibei into the tiger’s mouth. I can’t imagine what Beibei went through in the end of his life. Maybe I didn't bring it home, and it was still wandering on the streets somewhere, but at least it was still alive.