Girl's ocelot cat was exposed and gave birth to a litter of calico cats

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Many people like to raise cats because these little cuties can bring us a lot of good things. Whenever we pet a cat, we always feel that we can release a lot of stress. Moreover, cats are the most humane animals, so they often try to get into their owners’ arms and enjoy their caresses.

The girl's leopard cat was killed and she gave birth to a litter of calico cats

But raising cats is really not an easy task, it requires We must really care for them and bring them a lot of warmth. Therefore, when we raise pets, we must be mentally prepared to see whether we have the confidence and ability to take care of them.

A female netizen shared such an incident, which was about the embarrassing incident of her ocelot being raped. Because she loves cats very much, this young lady raised a very precious ocelot cat. But usually when I see stray cats in the community, the young lady will take the initiative to feed them.

One day when the young lady was going to feed stray cats as usual, she saw an old customer - Dabai, a cat that was very familiar to her. Every time he comes here for feeding, he will arrive on time and wait, and occasionally he will act coquettishly with the poop shoveler. So after going back and forth, the young lady became very familiar with this cat, and she would come down and feed it when she had time.

In fact, Dabai is very pitiful as a stray cat. He is hungry and full, and his tail is broken off for some reason. He must have suffered some bad treatment! And sometimes Dabai may regard himself as his master, and occasionally he will follow him home and become familiar with the ocelot at home.

However, accidents still happened. Once at home, the ocelot ran out without closing the door, probably because it was abducted by Dabai to play. After searching for a long time in the community, he found it in a corner, but not long after, the poop scooper discovered that the cat's belly was slowly starting to get bigger. You don't have to think about it to know which guy must have given birth to Huo Huo, and you don't know what kind of cat baby will be born at that time.

The girl's leopard cat was exposed and gave birth to a litter of calico cats

She was not at home at the time, so she was taken to the pet hospital to wait for delivery. just came back. I learned about this litter from the doctorShe gave birth to six kittens, one of which was stillborn. After disposing of it, the mother cat began to breastfeed her kittens. However, seeing the kitten's appearance, the doubts in the man's heart gradually cleared away. Fortunately, a few of them did not inherit his father's genes and should be pure ocelots.

After seeing this litter of kittens, I knew that these little guys were obviously Dabai’s children, and with their style and coat color, I was sure they wouldn’t run away. After all, she was the one who knew him best in the community. She must have given her to Huo Huo after she got familiar with his ocelot.

It’s a pity that I can’t help it. Most of the kittens in this litter are calico cats. I have to say that Dabai’s genes are still strong, and they directly reversed the ocelot’s genes. Now they look like cats. I can only cry in my stomach. It was quite a tragic thing, but I still wanted to laugh when I saw this family. After all, it’s impossible not to let this family meet after everything happened!

I feel relieved when I think about it, so I occasionally bring Dabai in to visit relatives, which can be regarded as fulfilling his wish! Moreover, several of these calico cats have been reserved by friends, and the rest will have to be raised by themselves if they cannot find their owners. If you can’t help it, just think of it as a few more pairs of chopsticks! Who told me to be so kind?

Finally, I would like to ask everyone, please don’t dislike it even if your own cat or dog is an ordinary breed. If you don’t like it and don’t want to keep it, please find a friend, relative, or neighbor to give it to you. Don't throw them away casually. You must know that they are all cute little creatures. Who can bear it?

Has your cat ever encountered such an adventure? Welcome to share and discuss!