The dog has been with his owner for 13 years and sleeps in a simple shed made of straw

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All pets need human companionship and care. Don't neglect them. Even if you touch their heads and say a few words to them, they will know that you care about them, whether they understand it or not. Dogs also need a certain amount of socialization. They also need to meet other dogs outside, smell each other, and occasionally chase and play.

Dogs live in rural areas, and their life is not very good, but it is not very bad either. At least they can eat well and sleep well every day, and they are not afraid of getting wet in the rain or being hungry. Food, but less freedom. The dog has been with its owner for 13 years, which is considered a very long time. At the same time, it also has a deep relationship with its owner.

The dog has been with his owner for 13 years and sleeps in a simple shed made of straw.

The dog's sleeping place is relatively simple, with only a few The ground is paved with straw, and the place to keep out the rain is also a simple shed made of bricks. The owner was afraid that it would attack people and never allowed it to be free. Normally, it would be tied up with chains. But it is too defensive. If someone approaches the home, it will bark continuously, and sometimes it may attack people for protection reasons.

For dogs, it is not necessary to eat high-end dog food or have high-end toys. What it needs is clean water and food, and your care. But some owners are often busy and forget to change the water, especially the water. Sometimes when they see the dog food in the bowl, they often forget to change the water. If the water is left for a long time, dust and bacteria will inevitably accumulate. Be sure to change them every day and wash the bowls every day.

Comparing the relationship between people in society, I just feel very ashamed. I feel ashamed that people can no longer have such sincere feelings. Fortunately, dogs and people can still exist. Such feelings have not disappeared.

For a human, it is difficult to get 60% of your 100% loyalty to him, but for a dog, you are 60% loyal to him but he is 100% loyal to you, so Please stop hurting dogs and stop eating dog meat.

Because if no one loves you in this world, there may be a dog who will love you for the rest of his life.