The dog's hind legs are disabled and he crawls up and down the streets

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This dog had its legs broken and has been wandering around every corner of the street. His hind legs can no longer move and he can only rely on his front legs for support. Every step he takes is particularly difficult, which is very eye-catching. Very distressed.

The dog's hind legs are disabled and he crawls back and forth in the streets and alleys

This time it is a stray dog. He walks in the streets and alleys every day. In the alley, I was just looking for a little bit of food to fill my stomach, but no one came forward to help, and no one was willing to adopt it.

The dog waited to see if there was a car, wanted to cross the road, and wanted to go to the vegetable market to find food. The road was completely empty, and there was no food to fill his stomach. So the dog You can only move your position. When you go to the vegetable market, you may pick up some rotten vegetable leaves and eat them, but sometimes you will be chased away by security guards!

It is particularly difficult for a dog to crawl, and he has to work hard to fill his stomach. Some people feel sorry for him, and will throw some food to him to keep him alive, but no one If you are willing to adopt, you may feel it is a burden.

Stray dogs are actually very pitiful. They pray very hard for food. Sometimes they are too hungry and steal some food to eat, and they will be beaten to the point of paralysis. This is why such stray dogs are born.

After this scene was uploaded to the Internet, a netizen left a message saying: "Disabled dogs don't give up their lives, so what reason do we have for not working hard to live? I really hope that we can come forward and help him.", netizen Guys, if you encounter such a stray dog, will you step forward to adopt it?