How much do you know about the feeding skills of Pug dogs?

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The pug, also known as the Pug [hǎ] Bagou, is a gentle dog breed that originated in Tibet, China, and was later passed down in the 16th century. It entered Europe and gradually became the darling of many European royal families and nobles. Nowadays, more and more ordinary families have begun to raise pugs. Generally speaking, Pug dogs are not difficult to raise, but parents still need to master some feeding skills of Pug dogs if they want Pug dogs to grow up healthily. Today, I will give you some relevant knowledge.

About pug feeding skills, you know How many?

Basic knowledge of pug feeding

1. It is best to choose natural food for daily dog ​​food, because natural food is like the green food we usually eat. There are benefits to a dog's body.

2. You can usually prepare some meat, such as beef, chicken, fish, etc., but it must be fresh, and these meats need to be boiled for 10-20 minutes before being chopped and fed , This is to eliminate bacteria and parasites in the meat, so as to prevent pugs from getting sick.

3. In addition to the above two, qualified owners can feed pugs some vegetables and fruits, so that one is to supplement the various vitamins needed by the dog’s body; Dogs satisfy their cravings and change their tastes.

Precautions for feeding pugs

1. During the developmental stage of pugs, provide them with sufficient protein, fat and sugar , minerals and vitamins, if you don’t know how to choose food, you can prepare some boiled eggs and special dog milk powder.

2. Don’t let the pug eat too much, otherwise it will increase the dog’s gastrointestinal burden. Over time, it will easily lead to obesity and other diseases. Generally speaking, the amount of food can be determined according to the pug It depends on the size of the body weight, and the range is guaranteed to be between 180 and 220 grams.

3. Do not feed pugs snacks frequently, especially before meals, which can easily affect the dog’s food intake, and picky eaters will appear later. You can usually reward the dog with some snacks when it is training, but you can’t keep feeding it just because the dog likes to eat.

4. The salt in the food should be controlled. Excessive salt will cause the dog to have tear marks, hair loss, and even death in serious cases. Therefore, owners need to pay special attention to it, even if they choose dog food Also choose low salt contentnatural food.

5. There are many foods that pugs cannot eat, such as onions, peppers and other spicy foods; chocolate and wild fungi are even forbidden, the former will cause dogs to suffer from heart disease And other fatal diseases, the latter is easy to cause poisoning, for the safety of dogs, owners should keep in mind.

In fact, whether you are a novice or a veteran, if you want to raise a Pug well, you just need to be patient, careful and attentive.