If you want to say that the typical representative of the dog's power, the Chihuahua is definitely on the list!

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Chihuahuas are always fascinated by self-confidence. Don't look at it's short stature, but he has a lot of guts! No matter what kind of dog you meet, and how big the difference in body size between the two parties is, Chihuahuas will go up to them if they don't match at the first glance, and there is a feeling of "dogs relying on others".

To say that the typical representative of

Chihuahua was originally a wild The dog breed was captured by the indigenous people in the Toltec era (around the 10th century) and slowly domesticated into a cute little dog that is now domesticated. It is named after Chiwawa, Mexico, which is somewhat similar to Yan'an in China and is the revolutionary base of Mexico. Perhaps because of this, the petite Chihuahua has the bravery and fearlessness of the terrier. They are never timid towards other dogs, as long as there is anything strange in front of them, they will start to attack!

Chihuahua is now recognized as the smallest purebred dog in the world, with a height of only 12~20cm and a weight of only 1~3kg. The breeds are divided into short-haired Chihuahuas and long-haired Chihuahuas. The two do not differ in size and coat color. The difference is that the long-haired Chihuahua has beautiful decorative back hair on the neck and legs and tail.

Because of its cute and cute appearance, Chihuahua is the favorite of many Hollywood actresses, from the rich and beautiful Paris Hilton, the pop queen Britney Spears, to the big singer Madonna, all Chihuahuas are favored By.

So, what are the characteristics of such a popular Chihuahua?

1. Loyal, but also a "jealous jar"

Chihuahua is very loyal to its master. At the same time, it is also very clingy. It wants to occupy its owner every day and let the owner accompany it. It has a strong possessive mentality towards the owner. If the owner strokes other dogs in front of it, it will be "jealous", bark at that dog, and even attack.

2. Easy to feed, exclusive for lazy cancer

Chihuahua is small in size, so its appetite is not much, a bag of dog food can last for a long time, so raise a Chihuahua The cost is very low. Moreover, its hair is short, so it only needs to be groomed once a day, and it does not need to be bathed too frequently. In addition, Chihuahua's living habits are also very good. It won't kill you like Erha in the middle of the night, and it won't like to get dirty like Alaska, and it won't be like Teddy. !

After reading the above content, do you think Chihuahua is a very individual dog? But fortunately, it is not troublesome to raise, so dog lovers can get to know this little cutie. Finally, I also remind the shit shoveler who already has a Chihuahua at home. When you take the Chihuahua out to play, you must take care of this little cutie~ because it is small and difficult to attract attention, and it will be bad if it is stepped on.