The cat owner is too clingy to his owner and throws himself into his arms every day begging the owner to suck the cat. Netizens leave me alone.

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As the cat army invades human life, humans' love for cats is increasing day by day. They fall under the charm of cats and are willing to transform into cat slaves, serving cats to eat, drink and poop, and they are also happy to work hard to make money and raise cats. He also likes to call cats cat owners, all so that cat owners can open their hearts to act coquettishly and cutely towards themselves, and as a bonus, they can pet cats at will! The word "cat-sucking" fully expresses that people's love for cat owners has reached its peak, and it also shows that cat slaves really have no status in front of cat owners.

The cat owner is too clingy to the owner, and throws himself into his arms every day.

Comments from netizens, this poop scraper is really a wonderful person. I don’t know what method he used to train the cat owner, but he completely conquered the cat, making him always aloof. The arrogant cat owner put away his sharp claws and coldness, and turned into a cute little cutie. Every day he clings to his owner like an octopus, and he can't pull him away. It's really enviable that he throws himself into his arms like an octopus. It's annoying to others!

Everyone else is trying to please the cat owner just to suck the cat, but this shit scraper is completely the opposite. Instead, the cat owner is rushing to beg the owner to suck the cat. This is humanitarian treatment! Although the cat owner is restricted from moving due to his clinginess, this sweet burden must be the dream of many cat slaves! Netizens shouted excitedly: Let me go!

Presumably cat-loving cat owners are very envious of the "like glue" relationship with cats. So how do you quickly cultivate the relationship between your cat and you?

1. Cats are loners at heart. Coming to human living spaces makes sensitive cats more likely to be nervous, fearful, and insecure. Therefore, cat owners need to help cat owners adapt as soon as possible. The home environment provides enough security for cats.

2. Furthermore, cat owners are actually very playful little animals. Daily interaction and play with cats is the best and fastest way to bring you closer to each other. It is a shortcut to the distance between cats, so take time to play with your cats every day.

The cat owner is too clingy to the owner and

3. Finally, cats shed hair all year round. If the grooming officer can regularly and patiently comb the cat owner's hair, it will not only be beneficial to the cat's health, but comfortable stroking can also increase the cat's sense of trust and dependence on you!