The cute baby and the dog were having back-to-back arguments, and after watching it, I couldn’t help but complain about how old the dog is that even the dog despises it.

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Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year, and this time of year is a time for family reunions. On the eve of the Spring Festival, family members working outside will rush home. They are eager to reunite with their families and enjoy the warm moments of the family.

The cute baby in this story is very curious about life in the countryside because he returned to his hometown. He often goes out to make mischief and makes the dog angry!

In Guigang, Guangxi, a mother took her daughter back to her grandparents’ house to celebrate the New Year. At first, she always liked to play with dogs, and dogs also liked to play with her. Although my daughter was rough with the dog, fortunately she was not very strong and the dog had a gentle temper, so nothing serious happened.

A cute baby and a dog are having a back-to-back fight. I couldn't help but complain: You are at an age that even dogs are disgusted by.

Whenever she meets a dog, she pulls its tail, scratches its ears, and hits its head. At first, the dog didn't care much about it, but after hitting it on the head, the dog never wanted to talk to the cute baby again. It was too much and always bullied the honest dog!

So, the cute baby and the dog were angry back to back. After a while, the cute baby ran to play with the chicken, seemingly not caring about the dog being angry at all. The dog didn't even look at the cute baby, but just sat there silently, and couldn't help but complain: It's the age that even dogs despise it!

A cute baby and a dog are having fun back to back. I couldn't help but complain: You are at an age that even dogs are disgusted by.

Hahahahaha, veterinarian Xiao Ming couldn’t laugh or cry when he saw it. Children of this age already love to play, and their parents can’t do anything with them, let alone a dog. But you can still hide if you can't offend him. Don't be angry with the dog. After all, it hurts your body. Next time you see a cute baby, just stay away.

In fact, children and dogs get along more frequently during the Chinese New Year. Parents must take good care of them and keep them under control. Just like a child who doesn't know what's important in his hands, if he accidentally injures a dog, it is very likely that the dog will accidentally injure the child. Moreover, children have poor immunity, and dogs also have a lot of bacteria on them, which can easily infect children. Always pay more attention to your dog’s guardingIf there is a problem, wash your children's hands frequently.

A cute baby and a dog are having a back-to-back argument. I couldn't help but complain: You are at an age that even dogs are disgusted by.

Popular science by veterinarian Xiao Ming: What should dogs pay attention to when going out during the Spring Festival?

There are always a lot of firecrackers during the Spring Festival. Although it is very lively, it is very painful for dogs. As a poop scooper, if you are at home, you must make them familiar with the sound of firecrackers and comfort your dogs if necessary. When taking your dog out, be sure to keep a leash on it. Once the firecrackers sound, they can easily get frightened and get lost.

Secondly, during the Chinese New Year, children will play with small firecrackers outside, and some children will make fun of dogs. This can easily injure dogs accidentally, and once dogs lose control of their emotions, they can also hurt children. This will be worse for the owner.