The yellow plastic bag trembled slightly. I thought it was a little mouse inside. It was so cruel when I opened it.

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In fact, the most vulnerable existence in this society are those stray animals. They have no one to protect them. Even if their lives end suddenly, no one will care about them, because they are nameless and have no owner.

A few days ago, veterinarian Xiao Ming saw a stray cat lying in the middle of the road, not breathing, and his heart suddenly ached. Let’s take a look at the following little story, which is equally sad.

The yellow plastic bag trembled slightly, I thought it was a little mouse inside, after opening: too cruel

On this day, when a netizen was walking on the road, he saw a yellow plastic bag thrown into a ditch not far away and tied with a knot. But attentive netizens noticed that the plastic bag was shaking slightly. At first, they thought it was a mouse that had been caught and thrown away, but the size didn't look like it.

So the netizen picked it up and opened the plastic bag with a lot of effort. However, after seeing the objects inside clearly, he didn’t want to talk anymore and couldn’t stop crying. It was so cruel.

It turned out that there was just a newborn puppy inside. At this time, it was almost stiff and opened its eyes slightly. Then netizens poured hot water on its body in an attempt to bring some warmth to it. Although it worked to some extent and its eyes opened wider, it still lost its life because the rescue time was not timely. It had not had time to take a good look at the world. !

Veterinarian Xiao Ming is really angry. Even if you don’t want to raise it, letting it fend for itself is better than throwing it in a plastic bag and tying it with a knot. Isn’t it obvious that you don’t want it to live? ?

The yellow plastic bag trembled slightly, I thought it was a little mouse inside, after opening: too cruel

As a human being, you must be kind. Although humans dominate this earth, they always coexist and die with various living creatures. They have no right to deprive any living creature of its rights. What is the difference between this kind of behavior and murder? It is just a harmless little puppy that has just been born!

There are some people with dark hearts who are unscrupulous just because it is not illegal to abuse animals, so please ask your conscienceWon't it hurt? When it was struggling in the plastic bag, didn't you notice that it was a life? I hope that when you see someone doing this kind of thing, you will be brave enough to stand up and don't let them have no scruples at all.

The yellow plastic bag trembled slightly, I thought it was a little mouse inside, after opening: too cruel

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