The owner heard a noise coming from the backyard and hurried over to check

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We all know that cats like to eat fish, but they are naturally afraid of water. This means that catching fish by themselves is not an easy task. Occasionally, you can see cats attacking ornamental fish in the pond. That is a sure sign. Cruel.

As for those who raise fish and cats at home, they must always be wary of their masters attacking the fish at home. Let’s take a look at the little story shared by this netizen below. It’s quite interesting.

On this day, a netizen bought a big fish from the market. He wanted to cook the fish at noon and improve the food for the cat at home, so he put the fish in the backyard for the time being. kept in a water basin.

The owner heard a noise coming from the backyard and hurried over to check

After a while, he heard a popping noise coming from the backyard. He thought something had happened. When something happened, I hurried over to check. When I saw it clearly, I smiled helplessly and shook my head: I was overestimating my capabilities.

It turned out that the cat at home could no longer hold back and couldn’t wait to swallow this big fish. Unfortunately, the size of the fish was about the same as the cat’s body, and the fish’s fighting power was not weak. The cat tried several times. I couldn't drag the fish out of the basin. The owner laughed until his stomach hurt when he saw the cat's operation. He had a certain degree of confidence in being able to put the fish there so safely.

Hahahahaha, veterinarian Xiao Ming just wants to say that the ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny, the cat has capsized this time.

However, the spirit of this cat is still worthy of praise. It dares to challenge things that are beyond its capabilities. It is much better than some people. When some people face some difficulties, they declare failure before even trying. They feel that they will definitely not succeed. They are not even willing to try, thinking it is a waste of time.

The owner heard a noise coming from the backyard and hurried over to check

Veterinarian Xiao Ming wanted to say that in fact, when you do something, no matter whether it is successful or not, you will definitely succeed. You have to experience it for yourself, otherwise how can you know that you will fail? And even if you fail, you can still gain some experience from it, so don't be afraid, it is right to have the courage to practice and try.

Popular science from veterinarian Xiao Ming: Cats like to eat fish because of theirThe fishy smell of the body makes them feel very fresh, which is the same as they like to drink water from the toilet. The water in the toilet is flowing, so they feel fresh. You can buy an automatic water dispenser to give your cat water. Oh, it will stimulate their desire to drink water.

In addition, fish itself also contains taurine, and taurine is also crucial for cats’ vision. The lack of taurine can lead to blindness in cats. Therefore, when feeding your cat, you can buy some food containing taurine to supplement the cat's normal needs.