Putting the owl and the cat together, when I went to watch it again, I felt like I was on the wrong set. It was a perfect match.

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Nowadays, many people have begun to keep a variety of pets, and there are more and more types of pets. Pets such as pigs, lizards, and owls are also favored by many shit collectors.

Put the owl and the cat together, and when I went to watch it again, I felt that I was on the wrong set: they are a perfect match

However, keeping multiple pets will also bring about a problem, and that is the problem of getting along with each other. Let’s take a look at this little story!

This owner has a cute kitten, which is only a few months old and looks very cute. It is usually very well-behaved and sensible, so its owner likes it very much and spends a lot of time playing with the cat.

On this day, it suddenly started to rain, but it only rained for a while. So, the owner took the cat out to play. In the garden of the community, he noticed a movement in the grass. He opened the grass and took a look: It's so cute! It turned out to be an owl, and it seemed to be injured.

This owl seems to be unable to fly. If it is ignored, its life may be in danger. Then he took it to a nearby pet hospital. With the help of the doctor, the wound was successfully bandaged and the owl and the cat were put together.

The cat was curious about the owl at first, and they got along very well. When the host went to see it again, he felt that he had gone to the wrong set: "It's a perfect match. I was worried that you two wouldn't get along well!" I saw the cat and the owl kissing each other, without caring about the existence of their owner.

Hahahahaha, veterinarian Xiao Ming was inexplicably moved. This kind of friendship is really valuable. Veterinarian Xiao Ming feels that it is not particularly troublesome to keep two pets together. It depends on how to make them familiar with each other. As the owner, you also have to bear a very important coordination responsibility!

Nowadays, many people will choose to have a second child. When two children are together, they often quarrel and fight. As parents, we should look at this issue reasonably and not take sides. If you blindly favor one child, the other child will become increasingly jealous.

If there is no way to balance a bowl of water, it is still not recommended to raise two children. After all, raising two children not only requires a lot of energy, but also a lot of money. We should look at the issue of having a second child reasonably and not blindly follow the trend, because everyone has different ideas.

Putting an owl and a cat together, I felt like I was on the wrong set when I went to watch it again. : It's a good match

Popular science by veterinarian Xiao Ming:

Owls generally live in trees, and some will live among rocks and On the grass. They are generally active at night and will hide in trees and other places during the day, making it difficult to be found. However, some species of owls are also active during the day.

In terms of diet, they feed on rats As their staple food, they also eat some insects, small birds, etc. In addition, owls are also color blind and cannot distinguish colors because they do not have cone cells in their retinas.