The 16-year-old dog suffered so much from the disease that he had to be euthanized, and the pet owner couldn't calm down.

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Birth, old age, illness and death are a normal part of life, and everyone will experience such a day sooner or later. When we really have to experience pain and suffering, we can no longer be so calm!

The dog in this story is already old. I thought it would gradually die of old age, but it was still attacked by disease. The pet owner fought the disease together with it, but in the end, it could not resist the arrangement of fate!

The 16-year-old dog suffered from illness and finally had to be euthanized, the pet owner cannot be at peace

The owner had a dog many years ago, which is about 16 years old. The dog has been lively and naughty since he was a child. After his legs were injured a few years ago, his physical condition has deteriorated, and various diseases have appeared one after another, such as epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, etc.

At first, it could occasionally walk around in a wheelchair, but it didn’t take long before it became paralyzed. After going to the pet hospital for relevant examinations, I found out that it also had a brain tumor. Considering the age of the dog, it cannot be cured through surgery, so medication can only be used to alleviate the pain.

At this time, the owner was like a bolt from the blue. The dog had been suffering from illness for a long time. Why should life treat it like this? On the one hand, the owner is worried about the dog's health, but on the other hand, he is also worried that it will give up on itself. So, he used various methods to take the dog out to breathe fresh air, hoping that it would feel better.

Later, the dog’s condition deteriorated rapidly, and medicine could not help. The pain was so painful that he could not sleep at night. After reconfirming with the doctor, the dog's life is about to reach its end, maybe only a month or two, and the only way to save it is through euthanasia.

After careful consideration, the pet owner decided to euthanize the dog. If it is not euthanized, it will be tortured to death by illness, and I can’t help but feel heartbroken when I see it. Since they are all going to die, it is better to say goodbye to it properly and let it leave peacefully. Even though he made this decision, the pet owner still couldn't calm down for a long time.

If your dog is suffering from illness, would you choose euthanasia? Maybe everyone's choice is different, but I believe no one wants to see such an ending.

The 16-year-old dog is suffering from illness.In the end, euthanasia was necessary, and the pet owner could not feel at peace

Just like us, many people are also experiencing the torture of cancer. As their family members , we must accompany them more, overcome the disease with them, and welcome the future life. Don’t be discouraged because of the disease. In many cases, mentality is also very important. Try to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude to face it.

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