I put a raincoat on my cat and it looked confused when it went to drink water. Are you trying to tease me?

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Cats have many unexplainable behaviors. I wonder which ones are spontaneous behaviors and which ones are learned behaviors from their owners? If cats could talk, they would definitely say they learned it from their owners!

The cat in this story also has a very strange behavior, which gives the owner a headache. Later, the owner came up with a good idea, but the result was embarrassing!

This pet owner has a Garfield cat. It has a relatively big face and very cute appearance. It looks cute. Maybe it's because of this big face that it causes some trouble in daily life.

Put a raincoat on the cat, and when it goes to drink water, it is confused: Are you teasing me on purpose?

The pet owner is a careful person and will clean up the cat as soon as it eats. Although it was quite troublesome at first, fortunately, day by day, I have developed a habit. After all, hygiene is very important.

By chance, I discovered that the cat has a very special habit. It doesn't like the water prepared by the owner. Instead, it always jumps to the kitchen sink to drink water. Is there any difference in the water? Is the water flowing from the faucet sweeter?

Then, the owner thought about it carefully. Maybe he often saw the owner turning on the faucet and felt a little curious, which led to this behavior. I saw it thinking about the faucet by itself, and after a while, the water flowed out.

Just drink water. Every time it drinks water like this, it always puts its head directly under the faucet. Although it can drink water, its hair also gets a lot wet.

So, in order to prevent the cat from getting wet when drinking water, the owner even put it in a cat-specific raincoat. It’s probably the first time a cat wears a raincoat at home. When the cat went to drink water wearing a raincoat, it was confused: Are you kidding me? When I raise my head, my eyes are blocked!

Put a raincoat on the cat, and when it goes to drink water, it is confused: Are you teasing me on purpose?

Hahahahaha, after the veterinarian Xiao Ming understood the owner’s motivation for buying a raincoat, he didn’t want to say anything: I’m afraid he’s not lazy, just wipe the hair dry in time when it gets wet!

itsIn fact, today’s owners are too pampered towards their cats. You must know that over pampering is not a good thing, and sometimes it will harm them. Just like parents doting on their children, some are spoiled in a bad way. You must care for your children appropriately and let them learn to grow independently.

Veterinarian Xiao Ming’s popular science: How to care for cat’s hair?

Short-haired cats can clean their hair by themselves very well, and generally take a bath once a month. Before taking a bath, be sure to comb your cat's coat to avoid tangles. When bathing, massage the cat in the direction of hair growth. After rinsing, be sure to dry their body and blow dry the hair. Finally, after the hair is dry, comb the coat again.