After checking up on the pregnant cat, the owner said with a burning face that he would like to upgrade?

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For pet owners, a cat's pregnancy is a great joy. After all, it will also upgrade their own seniority. Raising a few more kittens would be a great blessing!

After checking the pregnant cat, the owner's face was burning: Where is the agreed-upon seniority upgrade?

The owner in this story was very happy because the cat was pregnant, but after waiting and waiting, there was no sign of activation, which made the owner worried! What is going on?

This owner has a british shorthair cat, which looks very cute and obedient. Because the owner likes cats very much, he wants to raise a few more cats after the cat gives birth. Because the cat’s belly gradually grew bigger, the pet owner concluded that the cat was pregnant, and the joy was beyond words!

So, in order to ensure the cat’s nutritional balance, the owner not only gives the cat extra meals, but also gives the cat the best food. In this way, the cat ate well and slept soundly, and its belly was getting bigger day by day. It was already 3 months pregnant according to the date, but the cat showed no signs of giving birth, which made the owner very worried.

I don’t know which link caused the problem. Logically speaking, the cat should be giving birth. Subsequently, the pet owner took the cat to the pet hospital for corresponding examinations. It's okay if you don't check it, but it will be scary if you check it. The doctor touched the cat's belly and said bluntly: She is not pregnant!

Hearing the doctor's words, the owner was stunned for a moment, and his face was still burning: How could he not be pregnant with such a big belly? The doctor explained: The cat’s food must be too good and it ate too much, which is why it became so fat. Only then did the pet owner realize that he had made an own mistake. He was really happy for nothing, and he felt like he had hit rock bottom! What about the promised seniority upgrade?

Hahahahaha, this pet owner is so caring. He initially determined that the cat was pregnant. He should have taken the cat for a corresponding checkup in time from the beginning, so he wouldn’t be so disappointed! Veterinarian Xiao Ming believes that cat pregnancy is a big deal, and corresponding examinations should be carried out in advance, so as to better take care of cats.

After checking the pregnant cat, the owner's face was burning: saidWhat about good seniority upgrades?

Veterinarian Xiao Ming’s popular science: How to determine whether a cat is pregnant?

After 3 weeks of pregnancy, a cat’s nipples will become larger. , and the color will also become darker, and sometimes galactorrhea will occur. In fact, cats are pregnant like people. Some cats will experience nausea or vomiting during pregnancy, but not all cats have these reactions.

< p> Cats can clearly see a bulging abdomen after 30 days of pregnancy, especially short-haired cats. During the pregnancy cycle, the female cat will also gain 2-4 pounds, which is related to how many kittens the cat is pregnant with. .

Two weeks before giving birth, the female cat will start to look for a suitable place to build a nest. She will usually choose a safe and secluded place and use blankets or other soft things to build the nest.