As soon as I walked in, I saw the cat lying on the fish tank. It looked like something was wrong and it was ruining your good deeds.

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No one can resist the temptation of delicious food, and pets are no exception. After all, eating is the most basic desire, so it’s not surprising that you like delicious food!

The cat in this story is a greedy little cat who has loved eating since he was a child. He is obviously a real foodie! Just because it likes to eat, it has caused many misunderstandings!

This owner adopted an orange cat. Since living together, the cat has eaten more and more fat, and now it has become a pig. On this day, the owner plans to decorate his home to make the empty home fuller. Then, just as he was told, the owner bought a fish tank and took it home, intending to raise two small fish for viewing.

As soon as I entered the door, I saw the cat lying on the fish tank, and it looked like something was wrong: It's ruining your good deeds

When the fish tank was moved back, the owner couldn't wait to decorate the fish tank, not only placing vegetation but also a few small fish. Suddenly, the rhythm was interrupted by a delivery call, and the owner hurried out to pick up the delivery. After coming back, I saw the cat lying quietly on the fish tank as soon as I entered the door. I wonder what it was thinking?

After the owner slowly approached, the cat looked at the owner with questions: Why did he come back so quickly? I saw the cat being shone brightly by the lighting on the fish tank, and looking at it, something seemed wrong: It ruined your good deeds! The cat may be interested in two small fish, but he doesn't know how to get them into his mouth. After all, the fish tank is quite deep.

Hahahahaha, veterinarian Xiao Ming said, fish are still very tempting to cats. After I bought this fish tank and brought it home, I watched two fish swimming around every day, but couldn't get anything to eat. My cat was really anxious. The same goes for owners. Knowing that cats like to eat fish, they can’t buy other things to decorate their homes.

In fact, everyone can’t resist their favorite food. Nowadays, many people are in poor health and even suffer from diseases such as "three highs" because of overeating. We should still eat reasonably and not overconsume our bodies just because we are young. Once we get older, many problems will appear.

As soon as I walked in, I saw the cat lying on the fish tank. It looked like something wasn't right: I was ruining your good deeds.

Popular science by veterinarian Xiao Ming: Why do cats like to eat fish?

Cats are nocturnal animals. In order to be able to move well at night, they need excellent vision, and taurine is a substance that improves night vision. It just so happens that fish is rich in taurine and has a strong fishy smell. Cats like the fishy smell, so it is easy to attract cats.

In addition, fish is also a high-protein food, and the feeling of fullness produced by eating fish will make them particularly satisfied. In addition, fish meat is easy to digest and does not require much effort when eating. Therefore, as an owner, if you keep fish at home, you must keep an eye on your cats to prevent them from eating small fish directly.