There are three plans to develop a Briar dog

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"Keeping a dog? It's impossible in this life!" Listening to my parents' scolding, I had no choice but to turn off the photo of the Burger dog on my phone, and left the room silently...

< p>Unwilling to be reconciled, I tossed and turned all night, unable to sleep at night, because liking the Briar is no longer a matter of a day or two. I have fallen in love with it since I saw its information and pictures. This kind of dog breed is very old and has a history of nearly a thousand years. It is enthusiastic and active towards people, smart and easy to train, and handsome in appearance. It is hard not to love it. After thinking it over, I decided to take some action to get my parents to accept me as a Brier.

There are three plans to grow a Burry dog

After reviewing various "strategies of war", I decided to implement a three-step plan, focusing on attacking the heart , Commitment is the second, and siege is the next.

Plan A focuses on attacking the heart: as the name suggests, it is to soften the hearts of parents, first do some ideological work for them, and introduce some benefits of raising a Briar dog. For example, the Burger dog has a super good appearance, and the rate of return is guaranteed when taken out, which is helpful for solving lifelong events; the Burer dog is very witty and gentle, will pay attention to any instructions of the owner, and enthusiastically do whatever the owner assigns to it The task is very likable; the Briar dog likes to act coquettishly and stick out his tongue, which will bring a lot of fun to the family and is conducive to family harmony... (Reference: "A man has earned a hundred dollars a year since he set up a stall. Ten thousand and win Bai Fumei")

Plan B commitment is second: "Strategy of War" says that after using the strategy of "attacking the heart first", the probability of success will exceed seven levels. If you succeed, then make a promise, commonly known as writing a letter of guarantee. Pooping and peeing, hair loss everywhere, smell, etc., these are the points that parents are more worried about. I can write a guarantee letter to let them believe that I have the determination and ability to deal with these problems; If I don’t want to live, I still need to raise it”, I can set up a street stall to support it. (Reference: "I set up a street stall in Shanghai with a monthly income of 100,000, and you are anxious to repay the loan while blowing the air conditioner in the office building")

Plan C Siege is the next step: If the first two roads fail, then I'm sorry, I can only cut and play first, and take the Bury dog ​​home directly. Maybe it was a bit difficult a few days ago, but I believe that the rice has been cooked, and my parents will not have the heart to throw the Bury dog ​​out. After a while, maybe you will like it. At that time, I will definitely make the Briar a little more proud, who made them disagree with me raising a dog before. (Reference: "Today you ignore me who set up a stall, but tomorrow I will make you unable to climb high")

"I can't stop loving you, I can love you every dayMonth, month, year, year to forever", the bell to get up and move bricks rang, I immediately jumped up, got dressed, opened the door, greeted my parents, and showed a bewildered smile.......< /p>