A woman bathed a hedgehog for the first time. When she turned over and took a look, she was confused and wanted to poke it.

Pet knowledge

Speaking of hedgehogs, everyone should be familiar with them. This guy is so unique in appearance. It is covered with thorns. If you want to touch it and play with it, you'd better wear a pair of gloves, otherwise you have to wait. Keep being pierced.

In recent years, there have been quite a few people keeping hedgehogs as pets. So how do they bathe them? Let’s take a look at the short story shared by this shit shoveling officer below.

This woman bought a new hedgehog as a pet. This thing is great. It is neither noisy nor noisy. It is most suitable for Xi Jing’s poop shoveler. However, its shortcomings are also quite obvious. Pets can be held to sleep, but hedgehogs are not very convenient, hahaha.

The woman bathed a hedgehog for the first time, turned over and looked at it, but was confused: I really want to poke it

On this day, the woman wanted to give the little hedgehog a bath, so she put the water in and took the hedgehog in her hand to wash it. Fortunately, it is still small and the thorns are not too painful. Then I turned over its body and wanted to wash its belly, but I was stunned for a long time: Is this action serious? I really want to poke it!

It turned out that the little hedgehog’s four legs were all upright, motionless like a model, at the mercy of the woman. Looking at its pink belly, women are greedy for it, it’s so pretty and delicious!

Hahahaha, I guess this hedgehog thought the shoveler wanted to wash it and put it in the pot. It frightened the child to the point of petrification.

Nowadays, people are very eclectic in raising pets. They dare to keep anything. Some people even extend their hands to protect animals and raise some animals such as lions and tigers. This is not only dangerous, but also illegal. . Although veterinarian Xiao Ming also wants to raise a panda, he just thinks about it and has not implemented it into action.

The woman bathed the hedgehog for the first time, turned over and looked at it, but was confused: I really want to poke it

And some people dare to buy as long as someone dares to sell it. I have seen netizens buy Serval cats before and show them off online, and finally get in. Although this is a sad story, everyone should take a warning. It is okay to keep pets, but do not break the law.

Veterinarian Xiao Ming’s popular science: NoIf there is a trade, there will be no killing. Many people will pursue game, thinking that wild animals are more delicious and nutritious. In fact, this is all a lie. The nutritional value is not much different from that of domesticated animals. Moreover, wild animals have many bacteria and may be infected after eating. Give to people.

There are still many people pursuing fur. You must know that real fur is animal fur. Wouldn’t you feel distressed when wearing fur on your body? Nowadays, many wild animals are on the verge of extinction. I hope everyone can resist eating wild animals and buying furs and give wild animals a safe living environment.