The leopard and the dog were locked in the toilet, but when they opened the door again, their faces were full of question marks

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In the animal world, the law of the jungle has always been predatory. Although it is indeed cruel, there is nothing we can do about it. No one can interfere with the law of survival of natural selection.

Every time I see weak animals being chased by ferocious beasts, I can only silently pray that they can survive. Let’s take a look at the short story shared by this netizen below.

A leopard and a dog were locked in the toilet, and when they opened the door again, they had question marks on their faces

Just a few days ago, a rather outrageous thing happened in a small village in India. A wild leopard came to the village. It fell in love with a pet dog and kept chasing it. In order to escape for its life, the dog got into the toilet of a house, and the leopard naturally chased it.

After the owner of this family saw the leopard, he was naturally frightened and did not care to save the dog. He locked the dog and the leopard in the toilet together. The villagers then contacted relevant staff and prepared to take measures to catch the leopard.

But the leopard did not just wait to be caught. Then it broke through the encirclement and escaped from the net. At this time, everyone thought that the dog might have cooled down, after all, the two had been together for several hours. However, after opening the toilet door, everyone was full of questions and felt confused: Don't play according to the routine? It doesn’t conform to normal logic!

It turns out that the dog is still alive! According to the general idea, this leopard will eat the dog even if it is hungry, but the dog is unharmed, so what is this leopard trying to do?

Hahahahaha, there was no spark when a lone leopard and several dogs lived together in the same room. The veterinarian Xiao Ming was also amused. Is this leopard a Buddhist? Don't want to kill? Fortunately, the dog is fine, lucky!

Although I can’t bear to watch this kind of scene every time I see the weak eating the strong, there is nothing I can do about it. Humans cannot interfere with the food chain between animals, otherwise it will destroy the ecological balance. Just like some people keep pets such as snapping turtles and scavengers, and if they don’t want to keep them, they release them freely, which will only affect the ecology in the end!

Veterinarian Xiao Ming hopes that pet owners who have raised exotic species should not release them at will even if they do not want to keep them. Otherwise, not only may the pets not survive in the wild, but they will also damage the ecology and become an accomplice in the destruction of nature. !

The leopard and the dog were locked in the toilet, and when they opened the door again, their faces were full of question marks

Veterinarian Xiao Ming's popular science: Winter is the most active season for dog dealers. I hope that all scrappers, especially those in rural areas, must take good care of their dogs and never let them be killed by dog ​​dealers. If you are caught, the dog must be locked up when you are not at home.

You should also wear a leash when taking your dog out for a walk. Let’s not talk about the dogs that let go. Some timid dogs will run around when frightened, and they will be aggressive towards the dog. There is no guarantee of safety at all, so be sure to choose a suitable leash for them.