I forgot to give my cat dried fish when I was rushing to work. I apologized when I got home, but I was amused by its behavior.

Pet Story

Many people like to keep cats, but keeping a cat requires a good temper. Because in the eyes of cats, you are the king, and you are just a cat food supplier and "shit shoveler". It can ignore you or even treat Yoko coldly, but you can only humbly obey the cat master's orders. It's a little bit not as good as Cat King, be careful it will give you some color and see.

I was rushing to work and forgot to give the cat dried fish, and returned home to apologize , but was amused by its behavior

The cat raised by the netizen was bought from a pet store. At that time, it was just weaned. It was small and timid. So after buying it, it was given a "little" name.

Xiaoxiao is usually very well-behaved. He likes to lie on the legs of netizens and touch the fur on his back. The owner took good care of it. Knowing that it didn't like to eat ordinary cat food, he bought all kinds of snacks, and finally found that his favorite food was dried fish.

When I fed it cat food before, it always looked very disgusted. Since I changed to dried fish, this guy is willing to eat, and he has gradually become addicted to it. If the master doesn't give it small dried fish to eat, it will go on hunger strike to protest.

One day, when a netizen was in a hurry to go to work, he just grabbed a handful of cat food and put it in its food bowl, completely forgetting what Xiaoyu did. When I came back from get off work, I found that the cat food hadn't been touched at all, and the kitten didn't greet the owner as warmly as before, but turned his head away as if he didn't want to see the owner. The netizen made it turn around, and saw that it was full of anger, staring at me with a fierce expression, as if to say: Master, where is my little fish!

The netizen slapped his forehead, quickly found dried fish, and poured a lot into its bowl. But this guy is very shameless and doesn't appreciate it at all. It didn't eat a bite, and it didn't even want to talk to netizens, so it ran into its own den without seeing anyone!

The owner thought that this would offend the cat owner badly, so he had to come to the door to apologize. But this guy was still in good spirits. He gave his master a hard look, then turned around and ignored him.

Netizens were dumbfounded, this guy is really arrogant, he really treats himself as a master like a slave