The sad experience of pet stray dogs! Who will pity them?

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In today's society, there is a phenomenon that stray dogs can be seen everywhere. Stray dogs are also called abandoned dogs, or wild dogs. Why do these stray dogs appear? There are many reasons. Some of them are because the family has moved and there is no room for the dogs. The owners have no choice but to abandon them. There are also some dogs that are malicious bites and picky eaters. The owners are unwilling to bear the consequences and choose to abandon them. , and another reason is that they give birth to too many cubs, which is also one of the reasons why the owners abandon them.

The sad experience of pet stray dogs! Who will pity them?

After being abandoned by their owners, their How is life? Follow the editor to learn about the daily life and fate of stray dogs. What is it like?

1. They are often hungry. They will go to the trash can to pick up some edible food to maintain the energy they need for the day. Some stray dogs will eat for several days in a row. Unable to find food, they starved to death.

2. There are also lucky stray dogs. They will be taken in by kind people and treated as part of the family. Some dogs will be adopted by other shelters, like this The dogs won’t worry about starving to death or freezing to death, after all, they all have a place to stay. Live comfortably.

3. Some stray dogs have become delicacies on the table. Some people who love dog meat like to eat it very much. They think dog meat tastes delicious. Sometimes they They will also brag to each other about how delicious the dog meat in whose dog meat restaurant tastes. One bite will make you want to stop and spread the word to each other. The more you spread the word, the more stray dogs will lose their lives. I feel sorry for these stray dogs.

The sad experience of pet stray dogs! Who will pity them?

Four. There is another kind too What makes people very angry is that they will capture a large number of stray dogs and then imprison them collectively in one place. They will also write on the market that this is a good place for you to vent your anger. If you are stressed, you can come to them. I guarantee you won’t be stressed at all. They will use these words to attract people to come and do whatever they want.Well, that is to vent their anger on these poor stray dogs. Unscrupulous merchants will give them various tools to beat these poor dogs. They take pleasure in hurting these dogs. When they hear the sound of wailing, They will laugh loudly and feel that their resentment and pressure are gone, but at the same time, where is your humanity? Where is your heart? Do you have the heart to hurt them?

The sad experience of pet stray dogs! Who will pity them?

5. Stray dogs are now also There is a situation that constantly hurts people, especially children, which are a threat. They will bite your body. It is better to stay away from ferocious stray dogs to prevent them from hurting us.

So after the editor has said so much, do you have any thoughts after reading so much? Why couldn't you take good care of your dogs when you first raised them? Why should we abandon them and make them homeless and wander the streets and be slaughtered by others? They have also brought you joy. Here I want to say that since you have a dog, you must keep it from the beginning to the end, because They are also alive, and they also need human love and care.