How does a cat react after eating catnip?

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Many people have heard of catnip, but most don’t know what it actually is. So do you know why cats like catnip? What is the reaction of a cat after eating catnip? Next, let’s take a look at the answers to these questions.

How does a cat react after eating catnip?

1. No reaction

Because not all cats will respond to cats The smell of mint is sensitive, just like many cats like string fur toys, but some cats are not interested at all. So if the cat is not interested in the smell of catnip, there will be no reaction.

2. Becoming very excited

Catnip contains a chemical called lactone, which can stimulate cats and make them excited. Therefore, if a cat is very sensitive to the smell of catnip, it will become excited and intoxicated after eating catnip, such as sneezing, rubbing on the ground, meowing, suddenly excited, and running around. Therefore, owners can occasionally give their cats a small amount of catnip to help the cats adjust their mood.

How does a cat react after eating catnip?

Note: The owner should not feed too much catnip to the cat each time, otherwise it may Causes the cat to have difficulty breathing. In addition, don’t feed catnip too frequently, just once or twice a week. Too often may cause the cat to lose interest in catnip and no longer respond to catnip.