Do you know why cats keep opening their mouths?

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We all know that dogs often open their mouths, and cats do this occasionally, but rarely. So when we find that cats keep opening their mouths, owners still need to pay attention and observe. First, let’s introduce cats that keep opening their mouths. The reason is that, interested friends can come and take a look.

1. The weather is hot

Because cats’ sweat glands are underdeveloped and their heat dissipation ability is poor, when the weather is hot or the surrounding temperature is high, cats will open their mouths to breathe. heat dissipation. At this time, it is recommended that the owner move the cat to a cool and ventilated place to rest in time, and give him an appropriate amount of water to drink. Generally, the cat will get better after resting for a while.

Do you know the reason why cats keep opening their mouths?

2. Dislocated mandible

If the cat’s face has been severely Impacts, such as being frightened from a high place and accidentally falling, or jumping from the top of relatively high furniture, can cause the mandible to dislocate, causing the cat to be unable to breathe normally, and the mouth cannot be closed, and the cat will always open its mouth to breathe. This situation is quite serious, and you need to take the cat to the pet hospital for surgical treatment in time, otherwise it will become more serious.

Do you know why cats keep opening their mouths?

3. Suffering from oral diseases

If a cat suffers from oral diseases , such as stomatitis, oral ulcers, etc., you will keep opening your mouth to relieve the pain, and it will also be accompanied by symptoms such as loss of appetite, bad breath, and drooling. In this regard, the owner can check the cat’s oral cavity. If any abnormality is found, he/she needs to take the cat to the pet hospital for examination and targeted treatment.