Can pet cats scare away mice? Let’s find out, shit shovel officer.

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Cats should be best at catching mice, and this is also a cat’s nature. However, after being raised by humans, cats’ courage has gradually become smaller, and their ability to catch mice has also gradually weakened. Some cats have not even seen it. But can pet cats scare away mice?

Can pet cats scare away mice? Come and find out.

Pet cats can scare away mice. Most mice will choose to run away after seeing a cat, because this is the nature of mice. Cats may not catch mice, but for mice, cats still have a certain deterrent effect, but some cats are courageous If it is too small or too delicate, it may also be frightened by mice.

Can pet cats scare away mice? Let's find out.

Pet cats catch mice because mice are more powerful than cats. Due to their petite size, they are easier for cats to catch and eat. Cats inherently have a certain hunting instinct. This instinct is actually systematically learned and trained after they are born, so they can perform better. If our mother cat is very good at hunting, then our kittens can learn the hunting skills from their mother very well and become very good at catching mice. If kittens are raised by our pet owners, then their mouse catching skills are not that proficient; although they may also pounce on mice due to their hunting instinct, they may only be playing with mice in their consciousness.