5 minutes to take you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Shiba Inu's personality

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Is this how you live? When I get home from get off work, I eat, sleep and play with my mobile phone, and I am too lazy to go out for a walk. I live a two-point and one-line life, which is plain and tasteless.

So how can we make life more interesting? You might as well raise a dog~ The moment you open the door after get off work every day, it will surprise you, and then a new round of battle will start. Feed the dog, play with it, go out for a walk, meet other dogs and make new dog friends. While the dogs are playing, the owners can also do chores and relieve their inner pressure. Slowly you will find that it is not you who take care of it, but it accompanies you.

Today, the author will introduce to you a "cure" series of dogs - shiba inu. When they laugh, it can make you feel as if you are being hugged by an "angel", which warms your heart.

5 minutes to show you the strengths and weaknesses of Shiba Inu's personality

Next, the author will take you to understand the character characteristics of this little guy, let's seeWhether Shiba Inu's character fits with you.

1. Shiba Inu is a Japanese national treasure pet. It has a very high IQ and is very smart. It can quickly understand the owner's password, so it is easier to train than other dogs. But our Xiao Chai Chai has a relatively independent personality, and they will not rely too much on their owners, so they will lose concentration during "classes". (So ​​you don’t get angry with him when you train him, it will be counterproductive)

2. The little Shiba Inu has a very brave personality, even though he is not big, but he will never be cowardly when fighting. Even if it encounters a dog that is bigger than itself, it will not be afraid, especially when protecting its owner, so Shiba Inu can be said to be very suitable for use as a housekeeper.

5 minutes to show you the strengths and weaknesses of Shiba Inu's personality

3. The small Shiba Inu is gentle and friendly, especially suitable as a companion dog for children and the elderly, so if you have children or the elderly in your family , and it happens that I can't be with him often, so I might as well think about this little guy.

4. In addition, this little guy is very stable. If the golden retriever is a warm guy, then the Shiba Inu is a reliable leader. They don’t like to bark in daily life and won’t disturb the neighbors It will also help you keep a close watch on every move of the bear boy at home, and protect him at all times. But these behaviors are only limited to familiar people. If it is a stranger, it will still bark if it is very vigilant. This may be the so-called "quiet as a virgin and moving as a rabbit".

5. Compared with other dogs, Shiba Inu has a cold personality, and they don't like being touched by strangers. If you touch them rashly, it is likely to irritate it, unless it is allowed by the owner and guided by the owner.

6. The last point, the author thinks it may belong to a character defect of the Shiba Inu, that is, it is too stubborn. If you arrange it to do some actions that you don’t like, it must be beaten to death. Knock you to the end, and finally force you to surrender. Once the stubborn temper like a cow erupts, the kind that can't be coaxed with small snacks! (Of course they don't hold grudges, and they will be stupid again after a while!)

After reading the above Shiba Inu's character introduction, have you fallen in love with this little guy? If your life is boring, you might as well raise one to relieve boredom~