Necessary strategies for shit shovelers: seven key training points for big warm male golden retrievers

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Mentioned golden retriever, many Everyone thinks it is a "big warm man". With its tall stature, it will not only give the shit shoveler a sense of security, but also has a docile personality and is very obedient. In addition, the golden retriever has a particularly strong learning ability, so many families will choose to raise it. But you know the real How to train golden retriever? Today, the editor will talk to you about the seven key points of training golden retrievers.

A must-have strategy for shit-shoveling officers:

1. Train in a quiet environment

An overly lively and noisy environment will interfere and distract the Golden Retriever, and the training effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a quiet indoor and outdoor environment, so that the Golden Retriever can quickly enter a state of full concentration in learning, so that the training efficiency will be greatly improved.

2. Pre-training commands + gestures together

Training commands should be simple and straightforward, and you can also use gestures to give commands in the early stage, because the training method of commands + gestures will be more vivid and specific. It is convenient for Golden Retrievers to understand and execute. After the golden retriever is familiar with the password and forms a conditioned reflex, you can delete the gesture and directly command the golden retriever with verbal commands.

3. Training requires patience

When training a golden retriever, you must be patient and guide it. Even if it does something wrong, don't scold it. Because the Golden Retriever can hear the owner's emotional changes, verbal punishment will frustrate its enthusiasm. And the training process should not be greedy and impetuous. You must repeat the training more often, so that the Golden Retriever can easily form conditioned reflexes and quickly execute your orders.

4. Timely correction and assistance

During the training process, if the Golden Retriever does not do well or makes mistakes, it must be corrected and assisted in time. corrective actionAfter the operation, give the order and execute it correctly, then you have to give it a good compliment, and then touch its head and body to express your encouragement and appreciation, so that the golden retriever's training enthusiasm will also increase.

5. Choose the golden training period

The training period of the golden retriever must be appropriate. If the age is too young or too old, the training effect will not be very good. Golden training period.

6. The amount of training time should be appropriate

The training time of golden retriever should not be too short or too long. The training time is too short, and the Golden Retriever's brain does not have a deep memory of commands and corresponding action responses. If the training time is too long, the Golden Retriever will also consume too much energy, which will greatly reduce the training effect. The excrement shoveler should determine the training time according to the complexity of the command and the mental status of the Golden Retriever. The shortest should not be less than fifteen minutes, and the longest should not exceed 1 hour.

7. The temptation of snacks

Golden retrievers are greedy, and they cannot resist the temptation of snacks in the hands of the shit shoveler. If the golden retriever is inattentive, disobedient, or resistant to training, as long as you shake the snack in your hand in front of its eyes, it will look at you obediently and listen carefully to your speech. For snacks, you can choose molar snacks such as chicken jerky, which can not only replenish energy for dogs, but also protect the mouth by molars.

Okay, the above are the 7 key points of training golden retrievers. I hope that all shit shovelers can grasp it firmly and get "good results" as soon as possible~

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