What should martial arts master Dalmatian eat?

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dalmatian, also called Dalmatian, is known as a "martial arts master" in the dog world. Its "running Skills such as "Bite Art", "Bite Art", and "Push People Art" are already unrivaled in the world. Whether it is a human or a dog, it must be respected three points.

But as the saying goes, "There is no such thing as a dog, no matter how good the martial arts is, you have to eat." How can we provide sufficient energy for the Dalmatian to "practice martial arts"? The following foods may be available.

What should Dalmatian dogs usually eat?

Lean pork: lean meat fat The content is small, and it contains a large amount of vitamin B1 that can promote the recovery of digestive function. It can be given to Dalmatian dogs in small amounts. Moreover, vitamin B1 also has the effect of preventing some skin problems.

Banana: A fruit that can quickly supplement dog nutrition. In addition to being rich in dietary fiber, it also contains oligosaccharides, which can promote the increase of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and help intestinal peristalsis. It is especially recommended for dalmatian dogs who are constipated or prone to bad stomachs.

Broccoli: Composed of flower buds and stems, in addition to containing beta carotene, vitamins B1, B2, and C, it also contains iron and dietary fiber, which is very nutritious food.

Chicken breast: When the digestive organs such as the gastrointestinal tract are relatively weak, it is very suitable to eat chicken breast with high protein and low calorie. Chicken breast does not contain excess fat, especially for Dalmatian dogs on a diet, it is an indispensable ingredient to supplement animal protein.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin is easy to produce a feeling of fullness. In addition to being rich in fiber, it also contains nutrients such as vitamin B2, B12, vitamin C and carotene, and the vitamin B2 in pumpkin, Can prevent dalmatian anemia.

Cabbage: Contains sulfur and chlorine, which has a clearing effect on the stomach of Dalmatian dogs. It also contains vitamin A, B group, calcium, sodium and iron and other nutrients , the nutritional value is quite good.

Potato: Contains a lot of vitamin C and potassium, and is considered a hypoallergenic food. Please be sure to heat and cook it when feeding. In addition, arthritis, infection with parasites and respiratory disordersSick Dalmatian, please do not let it eat.

Soybean: When Dalmatian dogs are deficient in protein, in addition to causing physical weakness, it also increases the possibility of viral infection. Soybeans are rich in plant-based protein, which can be eaten in moderation for dogs. When eating, pay attention to boiling the soybeans with water until they are soft and rotten before giving them to Dalmatian dogs.

Soybean flour: It is made from dry-fried soybeans and ground into powder. Soybean flour not only contains protein, but also rich in minerals and dietary fiber, and also contains fatty acids, which are very effective in improving hair loss in Dalmatian dogs.

Sweet potatoes: Potatoes are rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, among which sweet potatoes contain higher dietary fiber content, especially the mucus protein contained in sweet potatoes , It is especially effective for excretion accumulated in the intestinal tract of Dalmatian dogs.

Eggs: Rich in protein, it can be an important source of protein for Dalmatian dogs. However, for Dalmatian dogs with allergies, it is also likely to become an allergen, so special attention should be paid when feeding Dalmatian dogs.

Rice: In addition to sugar, rice also contains vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Rice is a relatively unfamiliar food for Dalmatian dogs, which are originally carnivorous animals, but it is recommended to eat because it is a hypoallergenic food.

The feeding food of Dalmatian dog "Lianwu" is shared here. In addition, as the saying goes, "No matter how skilled you are, you are afraid of kitchen knives." Blindly conniving a Dalmatian dog to "practice martial arts" will easily cause complaints from neighbors or others. In order to avoid being "killed" by pain, you may wish to spend some time Time to train it, as for the method? Let's talk about it next time!