Common diseases and prevention methods of Chihuahuas, don't the shit shovelers care about it?

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With its petite figure and cute expression, Chihuahua has always been popular among dog owners. The scene of running on the grass with short legs has made many people cute. Don't look at The Chihuahua is not big, and its vitality is not small. It can definitely be called a dog "demolition office". Physical quality is in sharp contrast to its frail appearance. Even so, Chihuahuas will also have some common diseases. Today, the editor will talk to you shit-shoveling officers in order to do a good job in corresponding prevention and treatment.


< strong>1. Hydrocephalus

Different from other dogs, Chihuahuas have tiny gaps called ventricles in their brains, the main function of which is to store cerebrospinal fluid. When too much, it will oppress the brain, resulting in a disease, the so-called hydrocephalus. Generally, Chihuahuas suffering from this disease will frequently hit the wall with their brains, walk unsteadily, and even lose sight of their eyes.

Prevention method: Take the dog to see a doctor as soon as possible, take X-ray or do a computerized tomography scan, check the cerebrospinal fluid, once diagnosed, use drugs to reduce the cerebrospinal cord or use drainage surgery.

Second, wet dermatitis

There are acute and chronic points. Summer is the season of high incidence of acute wet dermatitis. The main symptoms are body hair loss on the back, behind the ears, neck, tail or thighs, redness and swelling of the skin, and severe symptoms of pus; chronic dermatitis is usually the initial skin infection without Completely cured, thus evolved into wet dermatitis.

Prevention methods:

1. Unclean body hair or skin, flea parasitism is the main cause of wet dermatitis, so pay attention to the hygiene and cleanliness of body hair;

2. Once sick, anti-inflammatory agents and anti-allergic agents can be used, and antibiotics should be treated if necessary.


< strong>Three,Infectious bronchitis

Generally, it is caused by a virus infection of the trachea, followed by a secondary co-infection with bacteria. The main symptoms are persistent coughing, fever, vomiting, and loss of appetite in severe cases. No vitality.

Prevention methods:

1. Avoid bringing Chihuahuas to public places where dogs gather, and pay attention to the hygiene of kennels and living environments;

2. Once diagnosed, cough suppressants or inhaled drugs can be taken to relieve cough, and antibiotics can be used for severe cases.

4. Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a syndrome caused by low blood sugar concentration. The main symptoms are general weakness, muscle cramps, motor nerve disorders, rapid breathing/heartbeat, falling to the ground, hypothermia, and blindness in severe cases.

Prevention methods:

1. It usually occurs in puppies and pregnant bitches. These dogs should go to the hospital in time for examination and intravenous infusion of glucose;

2. Strengthen nutrition and give high-protein, high-carbohydrate feed.

In addition, some dogs have common rabies or colds and fevers. Chihuahuas should also pay attention when raising them. Vaccination and timely medical treatment are the key. Chihuahuas are generally not suitable for outdoor breeding. Too hot or too cold may cause them to get sick. If the weather is good, take them out for a walk and bathe in the sun.