Are French Bulldogs Difficult to Raise? Scientific feeding method for everyone!

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french bulldog, referred to as Fadou, has always been loved by people for its unique appearance and friendly personality. It is a very popular breeding dog breed. Its nature is active, and it always looks full of vitality, but in fact it is also a delicate flower in the dog world, and it will have problems with its stomach and intestines. Therefore, all shit-shoveling officers must do the following five points when feeding Fadou.  pet dog


French Bulldog is difficult to raise? Scientific feeding method for everyone!

1. Regular diet

French Bulldog has a fragile stomach, so it should be fed regularly, so that it can better digest and absorb, and avoid the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases. Under normal circumstances, from the time of weaning to the age of 3 months, it needs to be fed four times a day, and the feeding time should be fixed at 7:00 in the morning, 12:00 noon, 5:00 in the evening, and 10:00 in the evening; When they are one month old, they should be fed three times a day in the morning, afternoon and evening; when they are adults, they can be fed twice in the morning and evening, and some fruits can be added in the middle to allow them to take in more comprehensive nutrition.

2. Avoid overeating

Although the French bulldog is a small dog, its greedy and eatable food attributes can be compared with large dogs. It is easy to overeat without restraint, so the owner must control the feeding amount of Fadou. Otherwise, if you eat too much, Fadou is prone to vomiting and soft stools. In the long run, the burden on the stomach and intestines will be too heavy, and gastric ulcers will appear.

3. Dispose of kitchen waste

Many dogs have the habit of picking up food. When they lack trace elements, they will also have strange eating behaviors, and French bulldogs are no exception. Therefore, we should pay attention to clean up the kitchen waste at home in time to prevent Fadou from accidentally eating dirty kitchen waste that contains germs and expires, which may cause diarrhea or bacterial enteritis.

4. Resist dogs being cute and begging for food

French bulldogs have a greedy mouth, so when they see their owner eating, they will come over to show their cuteness pitifully beg for food. But be careful not to feed Fadou with human food and snacks, otherwise it is easy to raise Fadou to be picky and picky, resulting in malnutrition. If you want to reward, try to choose dog snacks.

5. Choose the right dog food

If you eat too much dog food with a lot of salt attractants, Fadou will suffer from kidney failure; Feeding French dogs with high-fat large dog food can also cause French dogs to suffer from pancreatitis. Therefore, for the sake of Fadou’s health, it is recommended to feed Fadou natural dog food that is light, low in salt, high in fresh meat, and contains probiotics, so as to protect Fadou’s kidney and gastrointestinal health, and improve indigestion and soft and smelly stools.

Although feeding French bulldogs requires more attention, as long as the owner is careful, patient, and feeding them correctly and scientifically, the French bulldog can also be raised well.