Not sure how to train a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog? look here!

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great swiss mountain dog, native to Switzerland, is a brave, reliable, quick-response working dog, which has been used by farmers to herd livestock and guard houses in the early days Nursing yard and cart. Later, people found that the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog has a quiet and peaceful temperament and can interact well with its owner, so many people choose to raise it as a companion dog.

However, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is mischievous and mischievous. If you want to avoid troubles in your life, it is necessary to train it. So, how to train the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog? Let me share it below.

Don't know how to train a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog? Look here!

1. Sit down training

Training the Great Swiss Mountain Dog to sit down is a relatively basic action, and the best time is before each meal. Because only when the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is hungry, it will be obedient.

When teaching this action, the owner must be patient. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog needs to learn it several times before it can be remembered. Once it learns it, it will never forget it for the rest of its life~ Of course, whenever it learns, you can't forget to reward it and give it some dog food to achieve the purpose of motivation.

Second, no random eating training

Great Swiss Mountain Dogs don’t know what to eat and what not to eat, so they often eat things randomly, and this is why many Great Swiss Mountain Dogs There are the main causes of gastrointestinal diseases, so it is necessary to train it not to eat indiscriminately.

If you want the Great Swiss Mountain Dog to know how to refuse food from others, you must first let it sit down quietly to show its obedience. Then, put the food in front of the dog, block the food with your hand, and order it to "eat it later". If the dog doesn't obey and come over to eat right away, tap his little nose with your hand as a warning. Wait for the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog to sit down obediently, and then order it "you can eat". This back and forth training a few times, it will learn.

Third, prevent random biting training

When the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog teethed as a child, the teeth would itch, so it is best to buy it teeth grinding toys for it to avoid it Bitten the furniture or other things at home. Also, in order to prevent the dog from biting things, it is best to put all valuables out of its reach.

When the owners find that the dog wants to bite things, they should go to it immediately, let it sit down, and tell it: no! When the dog is obedient, the owner can reward it by stroking or feeding some dog biscuits.

Fourth, training to stop dog barking

When the Great Swiss Mountain Dog barks, the owner should look at what caused it. Dogs generally do not bark , Different barks represent different psychological needs of dogs. If the dog is really barking for nothing, then it must be educated. The owners can say in a stern tone: "Quiet, don't bark." chin, and tell it to be quiet with the "shh" gesture. Once the dog knows how to stop barking, the owner will give it some rewards.

The above is the editor’s sharing, I believe the poop shovelers have got it~ Actually, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is an easy-to-train dog, as long as you master the correct method.