Huskies are too stupid to train? Then you must look at these methods

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huskyIt always gives people the impression of being "not very smart", and has the title of "Three Idiots of Sledge". Many shit-shoveling officers said that it is very difficult to train. But in fact, huskies are very smart dogs. If the training effect is not good, it is likely that the owner's training method is wrong. Therefore, the editor will tell you about the correct training method of huskies today. Huskies are too stupid to train? Then you must look at these methods

1. Establish majesty. Huskies are pack animals with hierarchical traits, so they will only respect or obey orders from a strong leader. In normal training, you must show your leadership at all times. For example, if you eat food first, before it goes into the door, or let it walk behind, you must establish such a distinct hierarchical relationship.

2. Appropriate rewards. Offering food and using encouraging sounds are effective ways to get your Husky to repeat good behavior. Start with simple commands and work your way up to more complex commands with rewards at each stage. Also, make sure the rewards are distributed quickly so the huskies know which behavior to replicate. Waiting too long will only confuse the husky. Note that once the Husky has mastered a command, there is no need to reward it.

3. Timely punishment. When training huskies, in addition to praise and rewards, you must also accept punishment for bad behavior. As with praise, immediate corrective action, such as restricting his toys and changing his attitude towards him, must be taken until he responds and corrects his behavior. If your husky is still stubbornly refusing to obey after a few tries, confine him to a small space and refrain from communicating with him until he settles down.

4. Training should be persevering and take precautions. To train effectively, you have to train every day. Be aware that a sudden change in training schedule can make your Huskies irritable and confused, making it easier to violate the rules you made while training. Also, have food, toys, collars, leashes, treats, and cleaning supplies ready before training so the daily schedule doesn't get disrupted or stressful for your Husky.

5. Make some rules and strictly abide by them. It is important to establish rules and stick to them, and to communicate these rules to all family members who are exposed to the Husky. That way, the Husky won't follow inconsistent or confusing commands.

6. Keep exercising. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day to burn off excess energy outside of game time. Huskies have been trained for hundreds of years to become sled dogs, which gives them a very good physical foundation. Lack of exercise will only make huskies fat and lazy, and it will give them energy to wreak havoc. Examples include running away, howling, chewing, crying, and burrowing. The usual "dog walks" aren't enough exercise for a Husky, and you should be prepared to take him for a run every day, or a brisk walk.

Husky is a famous "little house demolition expert". If you don't want your family to suffer every day, you must master the above methods and train it well~