Want a mighty and domineering guard dog? A Pit Bull Mastiff Might Be Right For You

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Bullfighting Mastiffis created by Mastiff Bred from dogs and pit bulls, this breed has a tough, muscular appearance that makes it ideal as a family guard dog. In the military and police circles, the pit bull mastiff is also very popular.

The Pitbull Mastiff is naturally calm and easy-going, not too expressive about his emotions, but he is incredibly gentle with children. When the owner is in danger, it will immediately make an offensive posture. However, this type of dog has a lot of exercise and needs enough space for them to stretch their bodies, which needs to be kept in mind by the owner. It is precisely because of the large amount of exercise that its shape is relatively healthy. Today, the editor will take you to see the specific morphological characteristics of the Pit Bull Mastiff.

Want a mighty and domineering guard dog? Bullhorn Mastiff may be what you want

< p>Height and weight

There are differences in height and weight for different genders. Males are 63-69 cm tall and weigh 49-59 kg; females are 60-67 cm tall and weigh 45-155 kg.


Eyes are dark and medium in size; ears are inverted V-shaped and close to the cheeks, slightly darker than the body The head is very large, and when alert, you can see the clear wrinkles on the forehead; the muzzle is black, broad and deep, and its length accounts for more than one-third of the entire head; the nostrils are set high, just a little below the parallel distance of the eyes The upper lip is slightly pendulous, but not excessive; the bite is pincers or undershot, and the teeth are large and widely spaced.

Neck, Topline, Body

Neck slightly arched upwards, medium in length and very muscular, nearly equal in diameter to the skull; The line is straight and flat, giving aA stable and harmonious appearance; the body is compact, the chest is broad and deep, and the ribs are well sprung; the waist is slightly broad, muscular, slightly arched, and the loins can be clearly seen. Tail set high at the base, ending close to the hock joint, thick and drooping, either straight or curled.

Forequarters, Hindquarters

Muscular but not bulky; elbows turned neither in nor out; forelegs straight and well boned. Well-proportioned; second thigh well developed, powerful but not bulky; hocks moderately angulated, both bull and rabbit feet are serious faults; ankles straight; feet of medium size; toes well-arched and black in color; The pads are thick and hard.


The hair is short and thick, which can adapt to all kinds of bad weather. The overall color is red camel, and there may be stripes in some places. Has a very small white smudge.


When running, the overall feeling is stretched, smooth and powerful. Viewed from the side, the topline remains level regardless of coming and going, and the feet tend to fall under the body without crossing. As speed increases, the hocks turn neither in nor out.

The above is the full introduction of the morphological characteristics of the Pitbull Mastiff. The shit shovelers know it!