How to train a French Bulldog? These points must be done well!

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french bulldog, although the appearance looks simple and honest, but sometimes he will bite toys and shoes when he is anxious , sofas and other things, and even bite people and attack other dogs in severe cases. I believe many shit shovelers are also "fucked" by this! The following editor will teach the excrement shoveler how to train French bulldogs in order to better "control" them.

How to train a French bulldog well? These points Be sure to do it well!

1. Catch The golden period of training

French bulldogs should be trained when they are puppies, about 70 days. Because the various characters of adult dogs have been finalized, the training effect is not as good as that of puppies, and it is more difficult.

Second, use short-term multiple training

French bulldogs have poor patience and cannot concentrate for a long time, so short-term training is required , to keep the French Bulldog fresh, but it needs multiple repetitions for the training effect.

Third, let the dog get used to the leash

French bulldogs tend to run around when they go out, but they hate being led by others by nature Therefore, if you want it to develop a good habit of being willing to let the owner lead it, you should start training with the leash from an early age.

Training methods:

1. Choose a suitable leash for the French Bulldog, and don’t tie it too tightly when wearing it;

2. Be careful when pulling it, or it will be very difficult to tie it with a leash in the future;

3. It takes a few minutes every dayWhen it is time, lead it with a rope for a few laps, if it does not go, then take out the food inducement, it will follow the food slowly, after it gets used to it, you can remove the food.

Four, matters that should be paid attention to during training

1. Combination of rewards and punishments. When the French Bulldog completes the prescribed actions, give it a certain food reward or verbal praise and stroke it; when it makes a mistake, it can also be tapped gently with a roll of paper. In addition, rewards and punishments must be timely, so that Fa Dou can understand what can be done and what cannot be done.

2. Communicate and interact more. The owner and the French Bulldog need to play more small games and talk. After a long time, it will trust you more and more unconditionally and obey your command, so the training effect will be better.

3. The password should be clear. Let the French Bulldog understand what you mean. Only when the dog understands what you mean can he make the right action.

4. Cultivate social skills. Let the French bulldog interact with people and other dogs more, and cultivate its social skills. Because if it is only in contact with family members, once it goes out or changes to a new environment, it will feel nervous and even become manic.

If you also want a docile and obedient French bulldog, then you must learn how to train it so that it can better obey your orders.