French President Macron visits China with the zoo director who wants to renew the lease of giant pandas

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According to CCTV news, on the afternoon of April 5, French President Macron arrived in Beijing and began a state visit to China. Accompanying the visit was a government delegation composed of a number of senior French government officials, more than 60 French entrepreneurs and more than 20 French cultural figures, including executives from the aviation industry, luxury goods industry, banking industry and other fields, as well as Artist, musician and director of the Panda Zoo.

This is Macron’s third visit to China after taking office as French President, and also his first visit to China during his second term as president.

French President Macron visited China and brought the zoo director: he wants to renew the lease of giant pandas

According to French media CNEWS , accompanying company representatives include Danone, EDF, L'Oréal, Veolia, Airbus, Club Med, Safran, Orano and BNP Paribas, among others.

It is reported that Airbus will conduct a new round of aircraft order negotiations with China and will develop short- and medium-haul routes in China. According to Reuters reported by, in July last year, China's three major aviation groups ordered 292 Airbus aircraft in one go. This was not only one of the largest orders in Airbus' history, but also consolidated Airbus' market position in China. , and also caused a huge impact on its competitor Boeing Company of the United States.

People in the cultural circles include French director Jean-Jacques Annaud, French electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre, and French artist Bova Rodolphe Delord, Director of ZooParc de Beauval and others.

Jean-Jacques Annaud is a French national treasure director who has in-depth cooperation with Chinese films. He once directed the film "Wolf Totem" and his "Notre Dame de Paris Burning" will be released in China soon.

法Chinese President Macron visited China and brought the zoo director: he wants to renew the lease of giant pandas

Jean-Michel Jarre is a world-famous performer Artist, composer, and master of electronic music. He has received the highest knighthood of the French Legion of Honor. He is also the first Western artist to perform in China since 1976. In May 2019, the 54-year-old famous actor Gong Li and the 71 The 20-year-old Jean-Michel Jarre appeared at the Cannes Film Festival and later announced his remarriage.

Rodolphe Draud is the director of the Beauval Zoo in France and accompanied the Macrons in 2019 Visit China. Beauval Zoo is the largest and the only zoo in France with giant pandas.

French President Macron visits China and brings the zoo director: he wants to renew the lease of giant pandas

In 1973, France became one of the first countries to receive pandas lent by China. Currently, there are 5 giant pandas in the Beauval Zoo: mother "Huanhuan" With his father "Yuanzai" (arrived in France in 2012), his son "Yuanmeng" (born in 2017), and his twin daughters "Huanlili" and "Yuandudu" (born in 2021).

But , according to the current standard agreement, panda cubs born outside China also belong to China, and will be returned to China when the pandas reach adulthood (four years old). In addition, "Huanhuan" and "Yuanzai" were born in 2012. The Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base came to Beauvale Wildlife Park. The 10-year Sino-French giant panda breeding cooperation plan was supposed to expire in 2022, but it was delayed to 2024 due to the epidemic and will expire next year.

French media said that one of the important tasks of Draud's follow-up visit was to solve the leasing problem of giant pandas. According to a previous report by the "European Times", the Beauval Zoo made it clear as early as 2022 that it hoped to Extend the lease period of "Huanhuan" and "Yuanzai".

Although giant pandas are worth a lot of money, the annual rental fee is as high as 800,000 euros, plus the annual cost of eating bamboo is 60,000 euros. But as a "signature", giant pandas have made a huge contribution to the turnover of Beauval Zoo. It is reported that before the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the annual turnover of Beauval Zoo was as high as 64 million euros.