If you want to raise a Basset dog, have you mastered its feeding skills?

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Basset dogs with big ears, short limbs, and sad expressions all day are loved by everyone, but I want to raise a Basset dog But it is not so easy, such as the feeding of Basset dogs.

As the saying goes, "Diseases come from the mouth", and dogs are no exception. Many diseases of Basset dogs are caused by improper feeding. Here are some Basset dog feeding skills, let's take a look.

If you want to raise a Basset dog, you must master its feeding skills Have you done it?

First, you need to choose a suitable dog Dog food for Basset dogs

1. Choose according to the growth stage

If Basset dogs are in puppies, you need to choose puppy dog ​​food at this time, instead of Use adult dog food, because the energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. in adult dog food are not enough to meet the growth needs of Basset puppies. And if the Basset dog is in the adult dog period, it cannot be fed puppy dog ​​food, which will easily lead to obesity.

2. Choose according to the type of dog food

The main types of dog food currently on the market are dry food, semi-moist food and canned food. The advantage of dry food is that it is easy to store and has many flavors. The disadvantage is that it contains vegetable oil, which will affect the absorption and cause soft stools. The advantage is that it has a long shelf life and is suitable for pure fresh meat formulas. The disadvantage is that it is heavy and difficult to transport. These three have their own advantages and disadvantages. At present, most people buy dry food. Shit shovelers can buy according to their own preferences and suitable for their own Basset dogs.

3. Judging according to the ingredients< /p>

About the specific ingredients of dog food, there are many types at present, but no matter what kind of ingredients, the dog food suitable for dogs must be nutritionally balanced, and the content of meat or grains should not be too high. At the same time, pay attention to the content of preservatives and food attractants, the lower the better.

ThisWhat I want to remind everyone here is: don’t keep changing dog food for Basset dogs. For dogs, changing dog food is a process of re-adaptation. If you must change, do so gradually. Add 20% on the first day, 30% on the second day, and so on, so as not to cause the dog's gastrointestinal discomfort. Once you find a suitable dog food and feel that your Basset dog eats it well, try not to change it.

Second, how to feed Basset dogs?

1. Feed dog food with better quality

The nutrition contained in dog food is relatively rich and balanced, which can meet the daily needs of dogs. And if you don’t feed dog food, you need to match the dog’s diet by yourself. Too much meat or grains is not suitable, and attention should be paid to balanced nutrition. For example, you can usually give your dog some apples to supplement vitamins and enhance physical fitness.

2. Timing and quantification

If it is a young Basset dog, it is recommended to eat more meals and less food, which can not only ensure that the dog is not hungry, but also satisfy the dog. For adult dogs, in order to prevent obesity caused by overeating, it is recommended to feed them twice a day, and the amount each time should not be too much.

3. Don’t eat leftovers

Because dogs’ needs for food are different from humans’ needs for things, and the nutritional content is also different. If you feed leftovers for a long time Leftovers can cause many diseases, such as malnutrition, indigestion, oral problems and so on.

3. Other precautions for feeding Basset dogs

1. Try to feed Basset dogs at room temperature, and do not feed low-temperature food, which will aggravate the dog’s disease Stomach burden.

2. Remember to throw away the leftover dog food every day. Do not feed the dog the next day, because overnight dog food is easy to breed bacteria.

3. Do not feed Basset dogs with animal bones, because these bones are relatively sharp and can easily scratch the esophagus of Basset dogs.

4. If it is found that dog food or cans have deteriorated or become damp, they need to be thrown away, and they cannot be eaten by Basset dogs.

The above are some feeding skills about Basset dogs. Do all the excrement shovelers understand it? Basset dogs are prone to obesity, so when Basset dogs become adults, their weight will gradually increase and begin to develop horizontally. In order to prevent Basset dogs from being overweight, in addition to mastering feeding skills, you also need to let the dogs exercise properly to maintain a balanced weight.