The price of the sleeping orange cat was clearly marked, and the owner couldn't help but complain when he got closer.

Pet Story

A lot of cats have demonstrated what laziness is, they can move as long as they can, and they lie down and sleep most of the day, trying to let them Exercise is harder than climbing to the sky!

The cat in this story is very special. It not only sleeps on all fours, but also sleeps on the vegetable stand. Passers-by took a closer look and thought they could buy a cat. What's going on?

The sleeping orange cat is clearly marked with a price, and the owner can't help but complain when he gets close

It is said that ten oranges are nine fat, this orange Cats are no exception. The owner's orange cat likes to be mischievous, and often sells vegetables with the owner at the vegetable stand.

On this day, the cat accompanied the owner as usual. Just after eating, it felt drowsy, and it found an empty booth to go to sleep. Not long after, the cat fell asleep. I saw it lying on its back, showing its white belly, its small eyes closed tightly, and its face was full of contentment: No one can disturb my sleep! It looks like I am the uncle, my greatest posture!

This cat is clearly marked with a price of 40 yuan. Is this owner going to sell the cat? Although passers-by came and went, the cat remained unmoved and continued to bask in the warm sun, sleeping very soundly, as if nothing could disturb its sleep. The owner couldn't help complaining after getting closer: I really admire you!

If the cat is really fancy, will the owner sell it directly? If Xiao Ming, the veterinarian, told me, the owner must be reluctant! Although this orange cat is a bit mischievous and will sleep regardless of the occasion, it is also the owner's habit, otherwise the cat would dare to sleep directly on the booth!

The sleeping orange cat is clearly priced, and the owner can't help but complain when he gets close

Nowadays, many pet owners are too fond of cats Petting, more and more cats are obese. Veterinarian Xiao Ming believes that there is nothing wrong with liking cats, but he should also treat them properly. Some owners feed them too muchFatty foods are very harmful to their health.

Especially in winter, cats eat too much and don’t exercise much, which can easily lead to obesity and other diseases. You must pay attention to controlling your diet at ordinary times. Even at home, you should play games with your cats to properly consume some of their energy.