A mother cat gave birth to a litter of cubs. What does it mean that the father cat turned autistic after taking one look at them?

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Parents must hope that their children will look like themselves, otherwise they will feel a little unhappy. Not only humans have such emotions, but pets also have the same emotions.

Let’s take a look at the short story shared by a netizen below. It’s so true.

A mother cat gave birth to a litter of cubs, and the father cat took one look and shut down: What does that mean?

This shit-sweeper has two cats at home. They are of different genders. They both say that opposite sexes attract, and this is also true for them. After they fell in love, they naturally had babies.

After a period of time, the female cat successfully gave birth to several cubs. This was originally a happy thing, but when the cat father wanted to fulfill his father's responsibility and came to visit his children, , was confused after taking one look at the cub, and shut himself up on the spot: What do you mean? None like me?

The cat dad is orange, but none of the kittens born to the female cat are orange. They all inherit the female cat's color, which makes the cat dad somewhat uncomfortable. Could it be that my genes are so disappointing? Not hereditary at all?

A mother cat gave birth to a litter of cubs, and the father cat took one look and shut down autistically: What does that mean?

Hahahahaha, I have to say, the orange cat’s angry expression with its back turned is really funny and too entertaining! You can see that she is a drama queen, her expressions are so rich.

Veterinarian Xiao Ming hopes that orange cats will not dislike their children just because they don’t look like him, otherwise they will be scumbag cats! In reality, some people may dislike their children for various reasons, causing the children to lack the love of their parents since they were young. Veterinarian Xiao Ming feels that such people should not have children, as it is unfair to the children.

If you decide to raise children, you must take your own responsibilities and treat them sincerely. Otherwise, you might as well not let them come into this world. I hope those expectant parents will mature and act like parents because of the arrival of their children.

The mother cat gave birth to a litter of cubs. The cat’s father looked at the litter and shut himself up: What do you mean?

Veterinarian Xiao Ming’s popular science: After the cat is pregnant, the cat should not be shoveled Supplement them with too much nutrition, otherwise the fetus will absorb too much nutrients and lead to dystocia. It is recommended that qualified feces take the cats to the hospital for a physical examination before giving birth to see if the birth is natural or requires artificial intervention.

When cats give birth to puppies, the cat owner can feed them fish soup to supplement nutrition. However, do not have too much contact with cat cubs. Some female cats may be in a bad mood due to excessive stress after giving birth, and may attack their owners. In addition, the cubs may be abandoned because they are contaminated with human scent.