A man found a hole when he was pulling out a radish and felt that there was something hard inside. He dug out it with his hands and found something.

Pet Story

Although living in the countryside is quite hard, and there is endless farm work to do every day, as long as you have a good attitude, you won't feel so tired.

However, ordinary days are occasionally interspersed with some surprises, which people living in the city cannot experience. Let’s take a look at the short story shared by this netizen below.

This day the man went to the field to pull radishes. Although it was a bit hard, he felt a sense of happiness the moment he pulled out the radishes. That was probably the satisfaction of harvesting fruits. The hard work finally paid off. Explained.

The man found a hole when he was pulling out a radish, and he felt that there was something hard inside. He really got something if he dug it out with his hands.

While he was pulling it out, he suddenly found a strange hole in the ground. The soil was very loose, and it looked like the work of some animal. The man immediately became interested. Based on many years of experience, there was something inside. There must be something hard, so the bold man reached out to dig it out. He was pleasantly surprised after a few seconds. He really got something. He said he was lucky.

It turned out that there was a mother rabbit and her children hidden under this sleepy land. The man couldn't help but hold these little rabbits in his arms and couldn't put them down, but then he chose to put them away. Let them go. I hope the mother rabbit can take good care of them and choose a safer place to make a nest next time.

I’m also envious, why can’t I have access to these good things? Not to mention so many snow-white rabbits, I’ve only seen the back of a hare since I was so old, and never even seen its face. .

I think this man was kind-hearted and did not choose to take the rabbit home. It's really infuriating to compare those human traffickers who specialize in child trafficking. I always receive information about missing children every now and then, and I don’t know whether they ran away from home or were abducted.

The man found a hole when he was pulling out the carrot. /></p><p>Because children nowadays have been spoiled by their parents, their psychological endurance will be relatively low. Maybe if they find it unbearable when they are scolded occasionally, they will follow the example of people in TV dramas who leave.Running away from home is actually very dangerous. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the way they educate their children so as not to stimulate their self-esteem. On the other hand, they should also improve their psychological quality. </p><p>Many people think that rabbits cannot drink water and will die if they drink water. In fact, this is a rumor. Rabbits' intestines and stomachs are indeed relatively fragile, so they have relatively high requirements for water quality. It is recommended that the poop scooper feed them with cold boiled water, and also pay attention to changing the water. <br/></p><p style=The man found a hole when he was pulling out the carrot. /></p><p>In addition, the smell of rabbits is relatively strong, so some scavengers will often take them to bathe. Some rabbits are timid and prone to stress reactions. It is better not to scavenge these rabbits. Help them bathe too much. If you usually take a bath, you should also help them dry their hair in time. </p> 
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