Jack Spicy is a cat abuser with positive energy online and offline? Animal cruelty, sudden death on the spot

Pet Story

On April 27, according to an online report from @FuyangFunan Public Security Bureau: Food blogger "Jack Spicy Tiao" with 400,000 followers at Station B has been detained by the public security for stealing cats, abusing cats and selling cat abuse videos.

In the eyes of fans, he is an inspirational up master who has a peaceful life, is inspirational and simple, and is self-reliant. However, in reality, he is a cruel, violent, and heartless demon who steals cats and tortures them to death. He is widely publicized in various cat abuse groups and is proud of this. What’s even more ridiculous is that this person turned out to be the inspirational Internet celebrity who was reported by major official media last year for helping martyrs find their relatives—Xu Mouhui!

Jack Spicy is a cat abuser with positive energy online and offline? He tortured animals and died on the spot

Although he is on social platforms A hypocritical apology was made online, but an apology cannot save the life of a cat that was cruelly tortured and killed, nor can it erase the bad impact caused by this behavior! I hope everyone will remember this person and the dirty things done by this group, and actively report any scum that abuses cats. I also hope that those scum will receive retribution and punishment as soon as possible!