The Labrador looked at the stupid husky and expressed with despair that he could not survive this day.

Pet Story

Many people’s biggest concern when raising a dog is hygiene. They are afraid that the dog will urinate and defecate anywhere at home, and they feel that the dog’s hair is easily dirty. In fact, these are not big problems. The puppy could not hold back its feces and urine four months ago and would urinate anywhere if it felt like it. During this period, the owner needs to be more tolerant to the dog. After four months, as long as you are responsible A careful owner will take his dog out to go to the toilet regularly every day, or teach his dog to use the toilet. This habit is easy to correct.

The Labrador looks at the silly <a href= target=_blank class=infotextkey>husky</a> with a look of despair Said:

Many people think that dog hair is easy to get dirty. It is wrong to bathe the dog twice in three days. Bathing the dog frequently is not as good as brushing it every day. Spring and summer It is most suitable to wash twice a month. It is enough to wash once a month in autumn and winter. Don’t worry about getting dirty, just comb the hair every day. It’s ok, I don’t know if you have noticed that dogs have a particularly strong body odor after taking a bath. Frequent bathing is also very bad for the dog’s skin, and it is easy to shed hair. Combing is different. It can not only clean the hair, but also Make your dog's coat shinier and smoother.

Labrador looks at the silly husky with a look of despair Said:

Dogs like huskies are naturally naughty ghosts. Many dogs can’t stand this kind of dog when they stay with Erhu. This Labrador is also, although many Labradors are more He is lively and naughty, but compared to Erha, he pales in comparison.

The Labrador looked at the husky who was tearing up the house foolishly, with helplessness and despair on his face: "My God! How can I live with such a dog? I can't live this day."< /p>

Labrador lookLooking at the stupid husky, he said with a desperate look:

Labrador almost wants to cry. The toys the owner bought are for playing with, not for dismantling.

The owner of this house has two dogs, a husky and a labrador. The husky is neurotic and the labrador is quiet and elegant. Today, the two dogs are acting silly again. When the labrador saw it, he felt that the whole dog was not good. Labrador felt like he was going to collapse when he thought that his dog had to live with this silly dog.

Erha was nibbling enthusiastically on the side, and Labrador thought quietly. The dog is born, and his little eyes seem to be filled with tears.

The tattered strip on Labrador’s neck must have been done by Erha, and Labrador probably doesn’t give it less. Erha, take the blame!