This is how other people's Basenji dogs are trained!

Pet Story

Look at other people’s basenji dogs, they are cute and cute;

Look at other people’s Basenji dogs, they are smart and capable;

Look at other people’s dogs The Basenji is versatile and versatile.......

It seems that life loves to tease you so much. Other people’s husbands, wives, and children are good. Now, raising a Basenji Xianji dogs, other people's dogs are better than yours, do you feel a little "mourned"?

My dear friends, don't panic. As one of the ancient dog breeds, the Basenji was loved by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt and has been popular for thousands of years. You need to master some training skills, and you can also make it "other people's family".

Leaving the mother's care, the Basenji puppies Dogs will feel particularly insecure, so from the moment we enter the house, we should do something:

1. Intimate contact: During the first time with Basenji When the dog is in contact, you can hold the Basenji's chest with one hand and its buttocks with the other hand, and try to make the Basenji stick to our body, so that the Basenji can remember more quickly. Live our scent and speed up the building of intimacy.

Second, get familiar with the environment: When the Basenji just arrives at home, don’t tease it right away, you should let it get familiar with the environment first. For the Basenji, it will be more at ease only after the new environment is excreted. Therefore, we can give the Basenji dog some water to drink, and then take it to the designated excretion place, and it will gradually become familiar with it.

Third, control the details: Take Basenji barking as an example when they first arrive in a new environment. Hug it as soon as it barks, which will make it develop a very bad habit. You can cover a breathable towel over the basenji dog's nest, so that the basenji dog can hear its own voice when it barks, After having a familiar feeling, it will slowly quiet down.

Seeing this, some friends may have such confusion. The Basenji at home has been brought back for a while, and the method mentioned above has no effect. Is there any other way to domesticate the Basenji? dog?

Take good notes and remember the key points! This situation is like when your child was just born, youMissed the education time in the past few months, and I regret it, but you can rest assured, it is not too late, mastering these points, your Basenji can also come from behind.

1. Let it win: The Basenji is a strong dog with a strong desire to win and lose. When training with it, if it fails every time , will make it lose enthusiasm, we can properly let it challenge successfully, and after having the joy of victory, it will participate in the interaction more actively.

Second, grasp preferences: Every Basenji has different preferences. We must choose the props it likes more in the process of interacting with it. Thereby mobilizing enthusiasm. When interacting, we can set some difficulties, such as trapping the props, shaking them back and forth, and letting their eyes follow the rotation, so as to train the Basenji's attention.

3. Giving rewards: Now that we enjoy the joy of victory, we also need to give substantive rewards. Whenever a training program is successful, we can give the Basenji some Snacks are encouraged. During the interaction, if you encounter excessive force, such as biting the props, we should not reprimand it, as this will make the Basenji resist, you can gently press its lower lip with your fingers, Then comfort it softly, after putting down the props, give a certain small reward, the effect will be even better.

Any learning takes time, impatient can not train "other people's" Basenji, master the correct method, teach a little more patiently, one day, your dog will also be very good .