A stray orange cat came to the door of the dormitory. He only likes to eat meat.

Pet Story

There was a stray cat at the door of the dormitory. I bought rice pudding, ham, and bread, but it didn’t eat the bread or rice pudding, and it didn’t drink water...

I just met it at the door. It looked like it had a very flat belly. , I only like to eat ham, and I am not afraid of people. I managed to do it in a short time. This is so familiar~

I fell asleep on my body for a while. I had something to do when I went out. If you are still here and don’t run around when you come back, I will take you in~

A stray orange cat came to the door of the dormitory, it only likes to eat meat

I fell asleep and couldn’t bear to let you down, but I worked the night shift and didn’t sleep all night, and I had something else to do~

I found a quilt I didn’t want on the bed, and cut off two corner stitches. Sew a seam, and a small mat is completed~

I finished the chicken breast in one meal...it feels like it’s not enough, this is my rhythm to be poor~

Selling chicken wishbones I bought chicken breasts from a place, but the eldest sister didn’t sell them at first, but she sold them as soon as she told me to feed the cats. She said she also liked cats, so I asked, since you like them, can they be cheaper? The eldest sister: No! If it weren't for the fact that you feed the cat, I wouldn't sell it~

I bought the cat litter, the mat is sewn, and I also bought a hair dryer specially for you, and I plan to give you a bath in two days~

There is a stray orange cat at the door of the dormitory, it only likes to eat meat

It poops in other people's cabinets...it is still very thin and difficult to clean. , the air freshener can’t hold it down, and it’s my fault... I was doing the laundry, and it ran in. It probably wanted to poop, but I kicked it out, so it went to the cupboard and pooped~

This guy always It was running around, and I was pulling poop in the cupboard in the afternoon. I wanted to go there just now, so I pulled it out, opened the door, and went to the garbage dump in the corridor to pull it out. I was not afraid of people at all... Just now, I saw it being taken away by others. Entering the dormitory, luckily that’s my colleague~