A termite found in a Zhejiang dam that has been growing for more than ten years is 5 centimeters long!

Pet Story

In the bank protection area of ​​the Chikan Reservoir dam in Dandong Street, Xiangshan County, Zhejiang, the local termite control team saw some traces similar to small passages on the branches scattered next to the dam, and quickly determined that the area must have been infested by termites. At this time, as the temperature rises, it is the time when termites are about to infest, so the team immediately started to control it.

After three days of work, they dug out secondary nests one after another and dug a 15-meter passage before finally discovering the location of the main nest. The leader of the team said: I have been doing this for 15 years and have never encountered such a large nest. It is estimated that this nest must be more than ten years old. There are 3 queens and 1 king in the main nest. , it is estimated that the total number of termites in the nest exceeds one million.

A termite queen dug out from a Zhejiang dam that has been growing for more than ten years is 5 centimeters long!

When the person in charge removed the main nest from the After the termite queen came out, everyone present was a little shocked. Although this size is only the same compared to other species, considering that termites are basically a few millimeters long, these three queen termites, which are 5 centimeters in size, are simply super giants, but the black-brown king ant It's quite inconspicuous.

A termite queen unearthed from a Zhejiang dam that has been growing for more than ten years is 5 centimeters long!

After the queen ant was eliminated , basically the ant problem here has been solved, but the damage they caused has already occurred. Judging from the surface humidity of the main nest, this termite colony has formed several water absorption lines and feeding lines between the dam body and the reservoir. This will lead to loose soil and a high risk of reservoir piping. It is best to repair it as soon as possible.

Some termite knowledge

I have said countless times that I hate summer.

It’s useless to take off your clothes when it’s hot. You may get sunburned or get heatstroke accidentally. If you turn on the air conditioner, you may catch a cold or air conditioner disease, and the electricity bill will rise. The most annoying thing is all kinds of things. There are more and more mosquitoes. I am tired of being woken up or bitten by mosquitoes when I am about to fall asleep.

But what scares me the most are those guys who appear in groups after the rain! During this season, houses are always dark, and the middle of the houseThere was also a basin of water, and some people thought it was some kind of ritual. But those who have experienced it know: this is to prevent "big water ants". They will get into the house through various corners, fly around your food and above your head, throw their wings everywhere, and even try to bite people (although it is not poisonous and painful).

A Zhejiang dam dug out termites that have been growing for more than ten years, and they are 5 centimeters long!

These annoying "big water ants" "In fact, they are the breeding ants of the termite colony, which can be said to be termites. Termites have three job transition directions during their development: workers, soldiers and nymphs. The first two are "coolies" that develop around the nest, but the ants are very different. After 6 molts and development, they can have wings and well-developed compound eyes, and very few of them will be left as supplements to the original nest. reproductive ants. Most of them will fly out of the nest without hesitation, find a mate, and then reproduce new winged adults, thereby continuously spreading the termite species.

A termite queen dug out from a Zhejiang dam that has been growing for more than ten years is 5 cm long!

Termites dug out from a dam in Zhejiang and grown over ten years ago After a few years of termites, it is 5 cm long!

That's right! Although termites are called "ants", they are actually classified into the order Blattella and have a common ancestor with cockroaches, which means that they are actually a kind of cockroach that is very pleasing to the eye. But this classification is still very controversial.

As for their harm, I feel that there is no need to go into details. There are 2,600 named species of termites in the world. If you count the many species that have not been studied well, there are at least 3,000 species. Then their number must be quite terrifying. It is estimated that there areEveryone on the Internet can get an average share of 0.5 tons of termites. Termites are found basically everywhere except Antarctica.