Do you really understand the cute Pomeranian?

Pet Story

pomeranian, is quite famous in the world of pet raising, because it looks as cute as a little squirrel, so many people want to raise one. However, do you really understand Pomeranians?

Don’t look at the small and cute Pomeranian, but its ancestor is a shepherd dog. Things, it may tear down the house for you in minutes. So, before you bring a Pomeranian into your home, you must learn more about it~

A Pomeranian with a cute appearance, do you really understand it?< /p>

1. Morphological characteristics

1. Head: The Pomeranian's head is medium-sized, wide at the back, tapering to the tip of the nose in a wedge shape; the forehead is more obvious, but not obtrusive.

2. Nose: The nose is round, small and black; the nose of the brown Pomeranian is dark brown.

3. Lips: The lips are not exaggerated, close to the jaws, and do not form any folds at the corners of the mouth. Except for brown Pomeranians, the lips are brown, and other colors of Pomeranians are all black.

4. Eyes: Medium size, long, slightly oblique, deep, with eyelids of various shades of black, dark brown in brown Spitz.

5. Ears: Set high, relatively close to each other, triangular, pointed, erect, with hard tips.

6. Limbs: the forequarters are straight and the front part is quite wide; Hind legs stand straight and parallel to each other.

7. Tail: Set high, of medium length, extending upwards, curling forward on the back, rooted straight, close to the back, and covered with a very dense coat.

8. Coat: The Pomeranian has a double coat; the head, ears, front sides of the front and rear legs and feet are covered with short, thick hair, and the rest of the body is long and abundant.

9. Gait: Moving straight forward with good driveWell, the movement is coherent and elastic.

Second, character traits

1. Big temper: Pomeranian is more self-willed, you need to pamper and coax it, if there is something unsatisfactory for it, it will start Lose your temper, bark all the time, and if you reprimand it when it is right, it will immediately quarrel with you, showing its aggressive nature.

2. Acting like a baby: Acting like a baby is a Pomeranian's specialty. It will act like a baby when it sees a smile on your face; it will act like a baby when it is lonely and boring, and needs your company; it will ask you to hug it when it is tired from walking outside. Act like a baby when you are hungry; act like a baby when you are hungry or want a toy.

3. Relatively clingy: Pomeranians are dogs that like to rely on their owners very much. For family companion dogs or pet dogs, being clingy is still an advantage, and they can actively interact with their owners Play and relieve the owner's work pressure.

4. Protecting the owner: Don’t look at the Pomeranian, which looks good, has delicate features, and is as fast as lightning when sprinting. It is definitely the bravest among small dogs.

5. Love to be provocative: Pomeranian loves to be provocative when going out. Regardless of its own strength or weakness, a Pomeranian will not "judging the situation". Even if it sees a dog that is stronger than itself, it will not run away.

6. Lively and active: Pomeranian has a lively and mischievous personality, and the owner never needs to think about what is going on in his mind, so he is very easy to integrate into the family. It wags its tail when happy and barks when unhappy. If it wants to play, it will jump on your lap. If you set your mind to play, just walk away. They never lie and are never shy about expressing their opinions.

Finally, a friendly reminder: Pomeranians are born to be mischievous and mischievous, and they need to be strictly disciplined by the shit-shoveling officers.