Even pigs are free to eat crayfish. A woman feeds pigs hundreds of kilograms of crayfish every day.

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In hot summer days, crayfish is a must-have late-night snack in street stalls, night markets, food stalls and other places. The sales volume is very large. In some places, supply exceeds demand, and there is no way to achieve freedom of crayfish. More places The production of crayfish is amazing, after all, the reproductive capacity of crayfish is too strong.

Recently in Suqian, Jiangsu, a farm owner filled hundreds of kilograms of crayfish in a basket to feed black pigs every day. Watching the black pigs munching on crayfish, the foodies were a little envious. After all, The price of crayfish is not cheap, and no one dares to eat it like this, but the seven or eight black pigs on the farm can eat it like this every day.

Even pigs have the freedom to eat crayfish. One woman feeds pigs hundreds of kilograms of crayfish every day

< p>According to Ms. Zhu, the owner of the farm, these crayfish are also raised by themselves. Since the output is very good, there are several thousand kilograms of crayfish every day. It is not too much to take out about one hundred kilograms of crayfish. In addition, there are Some of the dead crayfish are used to feed pigs, which can save some money on feed and is not a loss.

We all know that wild boar is an omnivorous animal. As long as it can eat, it will eat anything. It usually eats plants and carrion. It also often catches birds, hares, mice, etc. for feeding. They even eat poisonous creatures such as scorpions and snakes. The toxicity has no effect on them. This shows how strong the digestive ability of wild boars is. Pigs raised in the same way are also omnivores. No matter what the owner feeds, the pigs will eat, plus the amount of food. It's very big. The more crayfish there are, the more food the black pig will have.

Some schools have opened a "crayfish" major

In the menu, crayfish is a common dish, including grilled, steamed, spicy, etc. On the one hand, crayfish The consumption of crayfish also has certain nutritional value, including high protein content, soft meat, easy digestion, etc. In addition, crayfish are too easy to culture, which ensures their production and makes them become shrimps with economic value.

Crayfish is very popular in the market, especially in summer late-night snack stalls. Facing the market trend of crayfish, crayfish will become professional. In 2017 , there is a university in Hubei that is the first to set up a "crayfish" major to cultivate skilled talents in the crayfish industry at the general college level. This is also an act to meet market demand.

Even pigs have realized the freedom to eat crayfish, a woman feeds pigs hundreds of kilograms of crayfish every day

Crayfish are, after all, alien species that are prohibited from release

Crayfish are also called Procambarus clarkii, red crayfish, etc. The body length is generally 5-12 cm, the color is dark red, and there is a wedge-shaped stripe on the back of its abdomen. Crayfish is now a common freshwater shrimp in China, but it is not a native species in China. The origin of crayfish is in The American region, so crayfish is an exotic species.

Exotic species can survive in the local area because crayfish also have the characteristics of strong adaptability and reproductive ability. Crayfish are not picky about the environment and can survive in harsh freshwater areas, including ditches and silt. In addition, crayfish can lay more than 300 eggs each time and have a relatively high survival rate. Once they escape to the wild, they can quickly establish a crayfish population in the wild and achieve self-sustainment.

Crayfish are native to the Americas. Due to the economical, adaptable, reproductive and other characteristics of crayfish, they have been distributed in Europe, Africa, Asia, etc., and even crayfish have been flooding in Japan. In order to In response to the dangers of crayfish, in May 2022, the Japanese Congress voted to pass the revised Alien Organism Law. In the future, the sale or release of Procambarus clarkii (commonly known as crayfish) will be prohibited, but it can be kept as pets.

Crayfish may seem small, but there are many of them, which can easily pose a threat to native species, including fish, crustaceans, and aquatic plants. In addition, crayfish are also very capable of digging holes. , will make holes in flood control dams, seriously endangering the flood control safety of rivers and lakes, so too many crayfish will also cause great ecological damage.

In China, there is no ban on the sale of crayfish like in Japan, and the cultivation of crayfish is also allowed. However, it is also stipulated that farmers are prohibited from releasing crayfish at will, and the buying and selling of crayfish is prohibited, so people What we eat is not wild crayfish, but artificially cultured crayfish. If the crayfish escapes into the wild, the losses will exceed the food value of the crayfish.