How to train a puli dog that looks like a mop? It is enough to remember these 5 key points

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Poli dog, has a unique dog hair, the length is so long that it can be dragged to the ground, it looks super like a mop from a distance, so many people see it once Remember it.

Because of its unusual shape, most people find it difficult to keep a puli. In fact, it is not that difficult to raise a Puli dog. It is a very smart dog breed, and it is quite easy to train. Just remember the following 5 key points.

A puli dog that looks like a mop, how to train? Remember These 5 key points are enough

One, start training as early as possible

Poli dog training before one year old determines its future, so the Puli dog should be trained some simple things from the birth of 2-3 months For example, sniffing with the nose, holding objects with the mouth, and so on.

Second, keep training every day, and step by step

Poli dog training should be insisted every day, but it must be step by step, do not arrange for too long, because the dog will also feel bored, and then won't be too focused on studying.

3. Appropriate praise and encouragement

During the training process, the Puli dog accurately completes a certain training action according to the owner's instructions. The joy and satisfaction of imagination, so it is necessary to praise and encourage it appropriately, only in this way will its enthusiasm for learning become stronger and stronger.

Fourth, praise on the spot and reprimand in time

If the Polly dog ​​does something that should not be done, be sure to reprimand it in time. Because after a while of reprimand, it may forget what it was criticized for; similarly, the same is true for rewards. If that time passes, the purpose of rewards may not be achieved. Of course, everyone should also be careful not to reprimand too much, because this will make the Puli dog dull, and even fear you, and be timid all day long.

Five, the password must be easy to distinguish

The puli who just arrived at your house may not listen to your password or observe your words, but it can clearly distinguish the rhythm of your voice . Therefore, the password you issue must be short and easy to distinguish, and once selected, it should be unified, because it is convenient for dogs to understand and execute.

For example, if a Polly dog ​​wants to defecate anywhere at home, every time you see him, you should immediately tell him in a stern tone: "No!" Where it defecates. Afterwards every time it refers toIf you want to defecate at a fixed point, you should praise him: "Awesome!" Or give him some snacks as a reward, let him know where to defecate is correct, and gradually, he will also develop the habit of defecating at a fixed point .

The above is the editor’s sharing of the puli dog training method. If you want to train the puli dog well, you should remember the above 5 key points, and then train the dog with absolute patience , I believe that the results will be seen as soon as possible.