Notes to shit shovelers: The four main points of feeding Boston Terriers

Pet Story

Boston Terrier is a kind of dog mixed with Bulldog and other breeds, so it looks very similar to Bulldog. However, compared to the honest and lovely Bulldog, the Boston Terrier is more refined and elegant, so it is very popular among pet owners. However, a friendly reminder: Boston Terriers should also pay more attention to feeding. Today, I will share with you Four major feeding points for Boston Terrier.

Notes to shit-shoveling officers: Four key points for feeding Boston Terriers

1. Boston Terriers need a proper amount of meat every day

Medium and small Boston terriers need 200-250g of meat per day, and large Boston terriers need 300-350g of meat per day, and add the same amount of dry vegetarian food or biscuits to ensure Nutritional balance.

PS: Meat food should be boiled for 15-20 minutes first, then chopped, mixed with dry vegetarian food and mixed with warm water before feeding.

Second, Boston Terriers should be served regularly, quantitatively, and at fixed points

Boston Terriers should be served regularly, quantitatively, and at fixed points, and should be eaten within 15-25 minutes. The food and bowls should be taken away, and they should not be allowed to delay, so as not to develop the bad habit of eating irregularly.

PS: Don’t give Boston Terrier snacks frequently, as this will make it wonder when it’s time to eat, which will affect your appetite.

Third, ensure sufficient water intake for Boston Terriers

The sweat glands of Boston Terriers are underdeveloped, drinking more water can help their metabolism and prevent dehydration, so when feeding Boston Terriers, Don’t forget to drink some water for it~

PS: Take a Boston Terrier out for a walk, and remember to bring a bottle of pure water. After all, it is very thirsty when it is exercising, so make sure it has enough water. waterQuantity is necessary.

Fourth, eat some eggs for Boston Terriers

Eggs are rich in protein, vitamins and other influencing substances. Good grooming effect.

However, remember not to feed the Boston Terrier with too many eggs, up to 2 at a time, because eating too many eggs will cause indigestion. Also, only egg yolks can be given to Boston Terriers, and most of the nutrition of eggs is in the yolk. Moreover, protein is not easy to digest, and long-term consumption will affect its intestinal function.

PS: Don’t give Boston Terriers uncooked eggs, because it may cause allergies, diarrhea, etc.

The above are the four main points of feeding the Boston Terrier shared by the editor, please get it now~